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2023 Toronto Carnival August 3rd-7th, #1 Band in Toronto “Carnival Nationz”


Created by Cleveland Author Jameel Davis

“Carnival is more than costumes & fete. Carnival is acceptance, culture, family, diversity, freedom and fun. Carnival is life.”

Cleveland Author Jameel Davis

Food – Culture – Music – Fun

On Saturday April 29, 2023, I flew first class with the #1 Band in Toronto, “Carnival Nationz,” to Singapore, Tanzania, Colombia, Morocco, Samoa, Indonesia, Australia, Portugal and Peru. Carnival Nationz theme for 2023 Toronto Carnival is LETS GO AROUND THE WORLD.

The experience I had at my first ever band launch was super fun and exciting. Being there for 9 Hours was well worth it. The Caribbean food was delicious, the music was electrifying, and the vibes and amazing people from many different cultures helped me create such a profound experience. One I will never forget. Thanks to Carnival Nationz, my full carnival experience dreams are almost fulfilled.

In this video, you will see my passion and love for Carnival as a black American from behind the scenes. Why most band launches and media creators only focus on the main stage, models in costume and their behind the scenes makeup application, I wanted to highlight more than that. I wanted to get up close and personal with those who make carnival truly special for those on the outside looking in who are interested in joining Toronto Carnival. I wanted to show diversity in the film I produced (bartenders, audiences, hosts, Mc’s, Dj’s, food and more) and I did just that for the number one band in Toronto. This video shows why they are number one, how great my video creation talents are and why you should join this amazing team for your 2023 Toronto Carnival experience.

While at the Band Launch, I had the opportunity to catch up and chat with Bae back stage in front of the lens. Bae shared with me her excitement for Carnival Nationz, what costume she will be whining in and how she coined her name @CarnivalBae 😘

When I first caught wind of #TorontoCarnival in 2017, Bae was one of the first Carnival enthusiasts I set sights on and following her journey has been nothing shy of extraordinary. Carnival is blessed to have such a beautiful spirit and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to officially meet this lovely lady at the Nationz band launch.

I had the opportunity to catch the original #HornMan @farmp back stage and in action. Farm P gave us his top reasons why you should join the #1 Band In Toronto @cnzinc for Carnival and why you should experience @torontocarnival.ca

Raffaele Brereton, aka Mr. Get Mad; a man of many great gifts and talents sat down with me and shared the history of Toronto Carnival, his cultural roots, his love and passion for being a part of Carnival. In his interview, he strongly encourages participation in Toronto Carnival. Mr. Get Mad, a professional dancer, educator, media personality (@getmadmedia) and a very creative choreographer, choreographed the opening scene of the show (Flight Attendants) around Carnival Nationz theme, LETS GO AROUND THE WORLD. The brother is a true gem in Toronto and a great addition to the Toronto Caribbean Culture.

Jamar McNeil (@jamarjnice) Co-host at CHUM 104.5 and Skf Champ (@skfthechamp), mega host and the Voice of Toronto Carnival, were the Master of Ceremonies / emcees for the Band Launch. Both of these big time staples in Toronto, endorsed Carnival Nationz Band Launch and provided video drops for the video.

I am excited to be going around the world with Carnival Nationz this summer for Carnival and I hope after viewing the video and reading this write-up, you are excited to hit the road with me as well.


– Carnival Bae

Get Lost in the True Essence of Carnival
with us Carnival Weekend

Thursday August 3rd-Monday August 7, 2023

Carnival Nationz Costumes Go Live in-Person

Sunday May 7th 2023.

Online registration will start soon.

Save The Dates August 3rd – August 7th 2023



2019 Viral Feature with Carnival Nationz Family Mas Section: SOCA For Love


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My Official Playlist for 2023 Toronto Carnival

We hope you all are ready to travel the world with us Carnival Weekend in Toronto!

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