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Sex is very beautiful and artistic in nature. The vibrant colors, creativity and excitement it produces when mixed together properly, safely, and respectfully with someone special — who enjoys painting their bare canvas with nasty sex and intensifying orgasms as much as me, are moments worth living for. And, I am certain you live for and crave those moments of ecstasy as well. 

Here, I have spilled colorful paints of sex on these sheets for your enjoyment, that is guaranteed to boost your sex-esteem. So, unleash your purring house-cat from your panties and let her run wild in between these sheets with you. 

You want it and I want you to want it. Now turn it on over, open it up and press your face down into the sheets — as I dig deep into the soul of your cat, making her juicy for the both of us. 

Enjoy this Erotic Memoir and collection of erotic stories by yours truly, Cleveland Author Jameel Davis

*No cats were harmed during the making of this book. 

Why Does Society Get to Decide Who I Am Before I’m Even Able to Speak?

Completely Naked is a look at people of color in our unnatural (broken) state, in which our brokenness affects our relationships with each other and our ability to live dignified and wealthy lives. It is a look at assisting those of us who are battling demons and traumas with finding our inner voices so we can share our darkness out loud, which can guide us on the road to recovery, finding our true self and inner peace.

Completed Naked is a look at me tearing off years of Duct Tape that was suffocating my emotions — deteriorating my mind, body and spirit, preventing me from discovering myself and having a voice. Duct Tape I was pressured to put on by society. This book is for that scared little boy and adult man who feels lost and all alone, and who needs a good shoulder to lean on.

Fasten your seatbelt as I take you on a long, mind-blowing adventure on the non-magic school bus through my mind, veins, nervous system, beneath my layers of skin, tendons, and muscles, undressing my complete skeletal system. On this journey, you will discover parts of me and even parts of yourself that many people—especially men–keep locked away. If exposed, it could possibly lead to a life of public humiliation and embarrassment, which could possibly make you feel less of yourself if your truth ever got out. This gut-wrenching unmagical adventure is Intense, Sensitive, Uncomfortable, Amusing, and Unforgettable. It’s a journey for those who are brave.

Hold On Tight!

Could You Fly with A Broken Wing?

The dark tragedies from her childhood have followed her into her adult life like déjà vu. 

Symone Baker-Michaels, a delicate, yet strong Black woman finds it nearly impossible to obtain freedom as she remains locked down and struggles to break free from the shackles of abuse. Somehow, she seeks out a slither of hope and finds inner strength to fight for her life… literally. Symone digs deep inside of herself to battle against generational curses, with aim to end the cycle of misery for good. But at what expense? What will Symone have to sacrifice before she can cross over to a life of healing and peace, rather than pain and suffering? Who will she have to give up before her spirit is able to fly freely… or will she ever fly again at all?

“Dark, Suspenseful, Colorful, Intense, Strength, Courage, Survival, Victorious.” – Jameel Davis, International Author and Speaker

“A beautifully written story about pain and hope. I was captivated by Symone’s strength and determination to be free from her abusive past and break the generational cycle of violence. The way in which she does this will shock and impress the reader as you follow her story.” – Ellen Hartson, LISW, Life Coach

Some of our best moments, conversations and dreams are developed in between the sheets of our bed. In fact, many of us were created there with the help of Teddy Pendergrass, “Turn Off The Lights,” Marvin Gaye, “Sexual Healing,” the Isley Brothers, “Between The Sheets” and many others. However, in In Between These Sheets by Ohio’s own international award-winning author Jameel Davis, you will discover a unique collection of words and phrases strung together in the form of poetry, both motivational and inspirational messages, and stories that will affect and appeal to you in a personal and emotional way.

In Between These Sheets is dedicated to helping you create mindgasms with the option of removing any or all articles of your clothing, while expanding your awareness on many of the things that are deliberately kept in the dark. After coming from In Between These Sheets, you shall be ready to reach greater climaxes within yourself and in the world.

So, grab your wine, slide in between your sheets and allow the words from these pages to take your mind and body to new places.

Birthed with the intentions of helping men and women discover their purpose and take ownership of their lives, new book “Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself” is a book that encourages readers to define, identify, and to accept thyself without using society’s standards. It teaches readers how to examine themselves in attempt to modify their thoughts and in turn become their best self as well as make a difference in the lives of others. Published by ElevatedWaves Publishing, Davis’ tale outlines what it takes to overcome having a false identity, being miseducated and conditioned by society’s norm, as well as growing up in a broken home, to becoming a successful educated individual.


Cultivating Minds to Own Thyself was created to benefit those who are interested in discovering who they are, their purpose and who is serious about taking ownership of the life they have been provided. Within those pages, I have challenged many readers to hurdle many of the obstacles that may be standing in their way, preventing them from achieving their goals and dreams. Most importantly, I have challenged them to “Cultivate their Mind,” so they can become their best and make a difference in the lives of those in their home, community and in the world. This self-discovery workbook is here for those who have accepted the challenge to cultivate their mind to own who they are, as I have done and many others who have read Cultivating Minds to Own Thyself. This workbook is created to help challengers determine how they feel, personally, about personal issues, family issues, spiritual issues, social issues or priorities, rather than following the opinions of family, friends, the neighborhood or peer pressure. This is a guide to self discovery.

Let the challenge begin…


Have you ever felt so lost in life that you don’t know where you are heading to? Do you ever feel like giving up even after you’ve given your all? Does it seem like your best isn’t just enough? Well, worry no more. Set aside your anxieties, be inspired, and reach greater heights with How Success Became My Focus.

With enthusiasm, Jameel Davis will stir your passion and divert your energies toward determination as he shares his success story. He overcame his struggles and emerged from being an ordinary student to a successful and respectable individual that he is now. Geared toward success, Davis was able to motivate himself to stand out from others and better himself. He steered his life around and directed his momentum to the path that aided him to rise from his downfall. Despite life’s pitfalls, Davis was able to conquer it all through his willpower. So if ever you feel down and discouraged, never lose hope. Always remember that there is more to life. Come out from your shell like Davis did and be an inspiration to others. Go out, inspire, and stand out with How Success Became My Focus.

Oh Yeah!! Let’s Write is a children’s writing journal created to encourage young children to begin writing and to promote literacy at home, in school and within the community. Jaheir Davis, is the son of International Speaker, Writer, Poet and Author, Jameel Davis, who is committed to uplifting others and shining rays of hope throughout Cleveland, Oh and beyond.