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Happy Mother’s Day to All of the Wonderful Mothers in The World!

You are the air we breathe, the light we see, the warmth we feel,

the music we hear.

You are the stars in our galaxy. You light up our world.

You are the universe and we live inside of you.

We live through you. Your universe is inside of us.

You are us and us is you.

You are the reason. Our reason is you.

You are everything beautiful and everything beautiful is you.

You are the breath in our lungs, the oxygen in our brains,

the blood in our veins.

You are Mother-Nature. Our nature is you.

You birthed life.

You are the creator of all living beings.

You are God and God is love.

You are love and love created you for us,

for a divine purpose bigger than us.

You gave us life so that we can live, so that we can grow,

so that we can learn and achieve.

You created us to dream.

You are our strength and strength is you.

I give thanks to you for being a mother; an awesome and amazing mother.

Your Child(ren)’s first love. Their start to their new beginning.

Their nurturer and she-roe.

Thank You for Helping The World Become A Better Place By Giving Life & Light to Your Offspring(s) and Everyone Around You.

Happy Mother’s Day To You!

In Loving Memory of Antoinette Glover-Craig

October 26, 1971-July 13, 2022

Cleveland Author Jameel Davis

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