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Happy 5th Anniversary ElevatedWaves Publishing

TODAY – ElevatedWaves Publishing Corp. Turned Five Years Old!

5 years ago, I developed EWP to publish my second book, “Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself” after being fed up with losing most of my rights, control, creativity and royalties from my first book “How Success Became My Focus,” which was published under a New York City publisher in 2015. I knew I wanted to continue my career as a book writer and wanted to prevent myself from falling in the same trap as I did the first time, which was being robbed because I was a novice writer. While writing Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself, which my Instagram handle (@CultivatingMinds_) derives from, I researched and studied how to develop my own publishing house so I could be in 100% control of my work, especially creative control which is hard to maintain in this industry as a black author. I wanted to be in control of every aspect of my book creation process as well as maintain 100% of my royalties.

In 2017, I successfully published Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself under ElevatedWaves Publishing Corporation. In 2018, I revised Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself and republished it as a second edition and officially established EWP as a Corporation. Since then, I have published three additional books of my own, “In Between These Sheets”, “Completely Naked”, and my latest book, “SEX-Esteem” which is the first book I designed the cover of, and which is one of my most creative projects to date. With each book I have released, I have curated exceptional launch events around its theme such as “In Between These Old Skool Pajama Jam”, “A Celebration of Black Excellence” and “The Sleep-Over” in order to express my gratitude and appreciation for the many people who love me, my work and who have supported and contributed to my success as an author.

Establishing EWP has allowed me to appear at many schools, libraries, book stories, community events and to travel internationally with my published work – helping others become better individuals. EWP and I have hosted and facilitated the Toronto Urban Book Expo, International Writing Workshops, Self-Publishing Masterclasses and much more. Due to the success of my work and the motivation and inspiration I provide and display, many writers from around the world have reached out requesting my assistance with helping them publish their stories. Originally, EWP was not created to publish the works of others and whenever writers reached out, I did not have a business model in place to assist them. Eventually, I went ahead and developed a model. To date, EWP has published nearly twenty books and over twelve authors granting each writer 100% control, rights and creative freedom of their work. They also receive every penny of their royalties.

These last five years with EWP have been nothing shy of amazing and because of the company, I have been able to make my mark in the industry, growing in creativity and professionalism, cultivating many healthy relationships, and have been able to sell many copies of my work. I am looking forward to progressing EWP forward and publishing new projects curated towards adding value to the mind, body and spirit of others.

I would like to thank the EWP community for all you have done and continue to do for myself and those around me. We would not have made it to year five without your love and support.

Help celebrate our 5th birthday today by purchasing our books for yourself or someone else who may enjoy them.

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