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2nd Edition of Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself is complete and ready for Holiday Purchases.


You may or may not remember this beautifully designed, highly detailed book cover for Jameel Davis’s book, Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself. The book cover was created by Creative Director, Kevin Cowell Jr. of Wake Hustle Grind Inc., featuring the beautiful Braisha Owens, founder of Kissed by Bo, who won the cover contest to be featured on the front cover.

When we look at the word “cultivate” it means to, Apply ones self to improving or developing ones mind or manners. It also means to, better, refine, elevate, educate, train, develop, or to enrich. After writing the book and sharing details of the book with Mr. Conwell, Davis and Conwell knew they wanted the cover to represent the meaning behind the word cultivate. Something that stood out, appealing to the eye. Conwell got to work.

Book Cover contrast

At the top, you can see the skyline of Cleveland, Ohio in the background, which indicates the author being a native of Cleveland. Looking at Braisha’s face, you can see that her face is located inside of a light bulb. The light bulb is a symbol of an idea and a symbol of enlightenment. The bulb pictured here is also is also a representation of a bubble that you or society may have placed you in, keeping you from achieving your goals and helping others achieve theirs. Conductive wires are placed on her nose and the filament is lit up on her third eye (located on the forehead, between the eyebrows, it is the center of intuition and foresight. The function of the third eye is driven by the principle of openness and imagination), which powers the gears on her forehead to begin the cultivating process. After her mind is cultivated, she develops the strength (pillars on the side) to break free from the bubble (look closer on the right side of the bubble) and shine light (spark) upon those who are in the dark (dark city streets), helping them cultivate their mind. On the bottom of the cover, a chess board is faded out to the streets because life is a game of chess.

Over the past couple weeks, Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself has been off the market due to Davis’s decision to make revisions to the cover and the interior page design/layout, as well as make it available for purchase on eBook platforms.

While waiting the final revisions of the book cover to be completed, Davis appeared at Daniel E. Morgan School in Cleveland, OH on Monday November 5, 2018, with 30 of his remaining original copies of Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself. Davis signed his books, spoke with and posed for photographs with thirty select students chosen by 8th Grade English Teacher, Dr. Chambers. Refreshments were provided for the students. Jessica Bacon, one of Davis’s friends and assistants who accompanied him, empowered students through voice and entertainment. Watch Video Here.

We are happy to announce, the revisions for Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself are now complete and that both paperback and eBook formats are available for purchase. Paperback is available on Amazon for $8.99 throughout entire holiday season. The eBook version is available for $2.99 on Kindle and $3.99 on iBooks and other eBook platforms. The book is also available on Barnes and Noble website for $14.99

Updated Cover; title, names, spine and back cover created by pro_ebookcovers on

Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself was birthed with the intentions of helping men and women discover their purpose and to take ownership of their life without using society’s standards. It teaches readers how to examine themselves in attempt to modify their thoughts and in turn become their best self as well as make a difference in the lives of others.

Published by ElevatedWaves Publishing, Davis’s tale outlines what it takes to overcome having a false identity, being miseducated and conditioned by society’s norm, as well as growing up in a broken home, to becoming a successful educated individual. With enthusiasm, Davis will stir your passion and divert your energies toward determination as he shares another inspiring story.



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