New Poem: Old Soul Living



I think my biggest flaw is, “living too fast,” growing older quick.

But, I refuse to think small and live for moments

that give me no opportunities to exist.

Like, I’ve always loved older people. In fact they are my favorite people.

But, when they call me young man,

I kind of get upset because I see them as my equal.

I was more of a man than most men when I was 26,

wise beyond my time and I’ve coached men over 46.

But, she still insists  I’m too young;

like my mother’s friends and older cousins ex-girlfriends when I was very young.

Now that I’m older, your chances are slim to none.

You should have just waited.

Waited for me to blossom into this seed of greatness.

But for you, you were very impatient.

Anxious for your temporary Forevers, I still wish you well in all your future endeavors,

but we shall never be together.

So, just let me live in my old ways, no need for me to be stuck on one wave,

my grand-folks would say, “You have your whole life ahead of you.”

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