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Author Jameel Davis Set to Appear at Local Cleveland School with books for students.

By ElevatedWaves Publishing


On Monday November 05, 2018, Jameel Davis author of How Success Became My Focus and upcoming book “In Between These Sheets” will be appearing at Daniel E. Morgan School in Cleveland, OH with copies of his internationally recognized book, Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself. 

Davis will be signing his books, speaking with and posing for photographs with thirty select students chosen by 8th Grade English Teacher, Dr. Chambers. Refreshments will be provided for the students. Jessica Bacon, one of Davis’s friends and assistants will be accompanying Davis, empowering students through voice and entertainment.

We had the opportunity to interview Davis as in why he decided to pay it forward to Daniel E. Morgan School.

Why did you decide to give copies of your popular book away? 

On October 14, 2018, I was apart of a Domestic Violence Awareness event at the Bertram Inn & Conference Center. Prior to appearing at the event, I had placed an order for books to cover the event. I made note after the event, that I would pull Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself off the market temporary to make revisions to the cover and update the interior design and layout. After a successful book signing event at the Bertram, I had a fresh box of books still available and needed something to do with them. So, I decided I would give them away, rather than trying to sell them.

How did you choose Daniel E. Morgan School? 

On the evening of Wednesday October 31, 2018, I created an Instagram flyer that said, “Free Books” – I have 30 Fresh Copies of “Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself (1st edition) for your school and classroom. First Come, First Serve.” Not even a minute after I posted the flyer, Dr. Chambers reached out an inquired about the books.

“Many students go through grade school, reading and studying from books without having the opportunity to meet the writers of those books. I want to be that author that students will have a chance to meet and interact with. An author who they will remember not because of the name, but because of the relationship that was created.” 


How soon until Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself is back on the market? 

The finishing touches are currently being added to the back cover of the book and the new book interior design and layout for paperback and eBook is underway. I am looking to have the book back on the market by November 12, 2018, if not sooner.

jdavi122_a5 copy

If you are interested in Jameel Davis appearing at your school or organization please fill out the form below. Please be advised, free copies of his books may not be available. 

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