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No More Hiding. This is Me.

I GET IT! – You are angry with yourself, your way of living and you want others to feel what you are experiencing inside; that is why you are angry and aggressive toward others. 

CHECK THIS OUT, only you can feel what you are experiencing, not them. Your feelings and emotions are yours to feel and no matter what, no one can feel them for you. You hurt even worse trying to impose your unhappiness on lives of others who are complete within and who are enjoying their life. 

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, is remove yourself from the environment and people that are contributing to your internal suffering, find an outlet and let go of all your frustrations. Once you have found your outlet, Let it all out. Share the start of your pain and unhappiness. Share how things could have been better, those who have harmed you and those who you have harmed as a result of the pain and unhappiness you’ve endured. Next, reach out to those people who have caused you suffering and express your forgiveness. 

“When Someone Hurt You, They Have Power Over You, And When You Forgive Them, They Lose That Power And After You Forgive Them, You Forgive Yourself.”

Apologize to those who you have harmed. Take self-accountability. After you have done that, create a detailed plan of your goals and dreams and how you wish to get there. Be specific about the kind of life you desire. Once you are finished, share your story with others. You will learn that you aren’t alone and that people share similar experiences with you. What happens next is, you get to receive the love, compassion and respect like those people you were angry to in the beginning. You will then be able to grow into the person you wish to become. You will be free from the pain.

No More Hiding. This Is Me. (Conscious Wave Journal) (Volume 2)

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