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Register Online for the 2018 Toronto Urban Book Expo (#TUBE2018)

TORONTO, ONT (May 2018) –

Registration is now underway for the Toronto Urban Book Expo (TUBE), presented by Kya Publishing. The 5th annual book fair is scheduled to take place on Friday, August 3, 2018 at the Toronto Public Library’s Parkdale Branch (1303 Queen Street West. Toronto) from 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.


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Vendor Category *

  • Returning Writer ($100 CDN) ($77.77 USD)
  • Writer ($125 CDN) ($97.21 USD)
  • Cultural Organization ($175 CDN) ($136.09 USD)
  • Publisher or Bookstore ($225 CDN) ($174.97 USD)





TUBE is the only Canadian event dedicated to celebrating urban fiction and culture; over the years it has also become a hub for African- and Caribbean-Canadian writers, as well as African-American author participants. The Expo will feature published and independent writers selling their books and related products at a free and family-friendly gathering. Live urban and Caribbean music will once again be provided by Toronto’s DJ Majesty, to enhance the cultural tone for the affair.”

Kya Publishing welcomes registration requests from all writers,” said founder Stacey Marie Robinson. “We look forward to inviting both local and international authors to present with us in the city, and we are excited to celebrate urban literature and culture during Toronto’s Caribbean festival holiday weekend.”

Taking place during the Simcoe Day long weekend in Ontario (also known as carnival/”Caribana” weekend in Toronto, for supporters of the Caribbean celebration) the city will be buzzing with tourists and locals alike, out to enjoy the city’s diverse culture.

Kya Publishing, a boutique publishing and communications company, promotes and celebrates contemporary urban literature and Caribbean culture through their books, services, research, events, and community initiatives. The annual Book Expo was established in 2014 in support of independent authors, and to increase urban literacy through familiar texts and cultural subject matter.

Authors, cultural organizations, publishers, and bookstores are welcome to register for #TUBE2018 by visiting the Kya Publishing website. Information about the event–including registration guides and visitor’s packages–are also available online at, or can be obtained by email request to

“Our event is growing, and the independent writing community is embracing this opportunity to share stories, network with like-minded artists, and enjoy the city of Toronto,” said Robinson. “We appreciate the support we’ve received over the years from the participants and attendees, and look forward to continuing to provide the city with access to these important books and significant texts.”

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Jameel Davis and his business partner Chuck Bowman came to town this past weekend, visiting from Cleveland, Ohio to collaborate with us on our plans for the upcoming @TorontoUrbanBookExpo.

Toronto Radio Reggae DJ @iAmChrisDubbs and VIBE105to, had Jameel on the VIBE DRIVE show to chat about Jameel’s love for Toronto and the #reggae/ #CaribbeanVibe here, as well as let folks know about his books and social objectives. (He also predicted a Toronto win over the Cavs this series…🏀)

#CaribbeanVibe #TorontoVibe #ReggaeVibes #WelcomeToToronto #BlackWriter #BlackAuthor #BlackBusiness #BookFair #BookMarketing

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