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On Saturday May 5, 2018, a group of more than twenty aspiring authors gathered at Shaker Heights Public Library located in Shaker Heights, OH, for an Author Information Session presented by our very own International Speaker and Author, Jameel Davis of ElevatedWaves Publishing Corp. and Kevin Conwell Jr., of Wake Hustle Grind, Inc.

The seminar was sponsored by DDA Publishing and highlighted the necessary steps and tools needed for becoming a self published author, and how to effectively promote and market your work before and after it’s published. The event lasted a little over three hours and brought in writers throughout northeast Ohio. One attendee was Detroit native and newspaper journalist, Xavier Jones of Detroit Michigan’s Telegram Newspaper. Xavier Jones, recently covered a story on Jameel Davis in the Telegram, after Jameel attended and had a very successful book sale at Detroit Book City’s 2nd Annual African American Family Book Expo back in February. Xavier is a very talented journalist and is looking to have his very own line of books on shelves soon.

After a successful workshop at the Shaker Heights Library (professional videos/photos coming soon), Jameel was able to sign several copies of his book Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself to several event attendees who were captivated by his and Kevin’s presentation and who were extremely interested in supporting and learning more about our author, as well as improving important areas of their life.

Not only were attendees given tools needed to become a Self-made author, but they were provided information for becoming an overall great individual. Quinton who goes by the name of “Q” is the founder of QPresents and captured the defining moments of this exceptional event which will be posted online soon. Jessica Bacon, Marketing Representative and protégé of Jameel, have a passion for catering and service and provided nutritional refreshments for all who attended.

Jameel states,

My passion is helping others succeed and I was able to do that today, alongside of my partner and brother Kevin Conwell Jr., my protege and marketing Rep. Jessica D. Bacon , our multitalented artist @q.presents, Shaker Heights Public Library, all event attendees, viewers and supporters.

You can Follow us @ElevatedWaves, Jameel @CultivatingMinds_ and Kevin @3kpmarketing to be notified of our future events. If you are interested in having this seminar in your city please contact us.

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