Jameel Davis at Cleveland Job Corps Center.

While attending the 23rd Annual Rescuer of Humanity Awards Dinner, Cleveland Job Corps Testing Coordinator, Sandra Talley was so impressed with Jameel Davis’ acceptance speech that she invited him to the Center. Jameel was the recipient of the 2018 Eric Scott Russell Kindness Award at the dinner.

On March 22, 2018, the Cleveland Job Corps Center welcomed author, speaker, change agent and poet Jameel Davis to speak to the student body. The assembly commenced with music, dance, a recited word piece and introduction, from four talented young adults.

Jameel kept the audience captivated as he discussed the struggles of childhood, obstacles of adolescent, academic perseverance, and the faith and success of his life. Jameel’s mother was young when she had him and they lived in a poverty-stricken neighborhood. Although he is no newcomer to the plights of inner city youth, he decided to take an alternate route. “Greatness doesn’t come to those that don’t have a burning desire to go the extra mile, you must push through to the other side,” challenges Jameel. “When life doesn’t give you a chance, then create one for yourself.” His message resonated with the Cleveland Job Corps students – many of who had grown up on the same streets.

Jameel signed and distributed one hundred copies of his latest book, “Cultivating Minds to Own Thyself” to students. He also conversed and posed for pictures with students and staff. “Jameel Davis’ speech is inspirational, and it gave me a push to keep following my dreams,” stated Jasmine Owen, Pharmacy Technician student.

The twenty-eight-year-old Clevelander earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University in 2013, Jameel majored in Criminology and Justice. He works for the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department as a Correctional Officer. He has authored two books, “How Success Became My Focus” and “Cultivating Minds to Own Thyself” as well as two journals, “No More Hiding” and “This Is Me and Today, I Close the Door to My Past”.

Article Retrieved From Cleveland Job Corps March Newsletter


Davis is a positive and highly respectable individual. He is a man of change, an encouraging leader and is committed to lifting others up and shinning rays of hope throughout Cleveland and beyond. He is known for his educational seminars surrounding book publishing, dating and relationships, and his speaking appearances at schools and organizations.

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