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New Book from Cleveland Author Jameel Davis is Now Available for Pre-Order

Another ElevatedWaves Publishing Exclusive


I am excited to announce my 5th book, “Sex-Esteem” is now complete and is ready for Pre-order at book retailers worldwide. *Wipes Forehead* as a sense of relief.

The creative writing process was very fun and exciting, however the pre-publication process for the interior design and formatting of the book was very stressful. This project was much more difficult to complete than Completely Naked. The interior design process was very complex and I spent much more time and money getting SEX-Esteem to its final form. SEX-Esteem is not your typical paperback book and you will soon find out.

I am super excited I was able to complete this project five months ahead of its release date. You will be very excited to have your official copy in your hand either at The Sleep-Over on Friday February 10, 2023, and on or after Valentine’s Day.

Some may ask, “why so long?”

“Proper Planning, Prevents Piss, Poor, Performance”

If you know me, I like to plan extravagant book launches for my books and these events take a lot of time, preparation and planning to execute. As a 5 time published author, I have experienced on my own, as well as other writers not have their final book available in time for the book release event. I recall finding myself stressing weeks and days prior to events fixing covers, errors, paper type etc, as well as, ordering copies hoping to have my books delivered in time for my readers. To prevent this from ever happening again, I plan as far in advanced as possible to give myself enough time to review my books and make changes as needed without rushing. Completing this project five months in advance allows me to order proof copies, advanced reader copies and to make changes if needed prior to the release date. Also, this gives me more than enough time to have all my books shipped in time for the book launch event.

Book writing and publishing is not an easy process and is very very expensive and stressful; especially when your work is very complex and you are doing bulk of the work. Book publishing should not be rushed. I repeat, “Should Not Be Rushed.” However, when you push through the challenges of book publishing and stay the course, the rewards are worth it. My reward is the finished product and witnessing the smiles on the faces of my current and future readers once they receive and read through the pages of their beautiful and professional book.

I would like to thank my fun, passionate and all-around family, friends and Street Team members for contributing their time, thoughts and ideas during the creation of this book and for helping me create buzz for Sex-Esteem. I would like to extend my gratitude to my Jamaican-Canadian literary friend and editor Stacey Robinson of Kya Publishing for delivering another phenomenal manuscript for my readers to enjoy. I would like to recognize my amazingly gifted illustrators and graphic designers, Michael Yeboah (West Africa, Ghana), Ashley Mae Pancho (Philippines) and Sana Liaqat (Pakistan), Mehedi (Bangladesh) for designing and curating the pages in this book with care, love, vibrant and beautiful erotica images for my readers to enjoy. A million thanks to my audience and supporters around the world for allowing me to light up their world with my knowledge, wisdom, professionalism, creativity, love and excitement. I wouldn’t have made it to book number five without you all.

SEX-Esteem is one of my most creative projects to date and the inside is full of surprises and bedtime stories for your intimate enjoyment.

Here is one surprise for you to enjoy as you wait to receive your official copy.

Imagine getting your hair washed, then BOOM, he starts suckling on and twirling his cool tongue all around your clitoris…


Pre-Order Your Sex-Esteem eBook on Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook for Only $10.99

Pre-Order Your Sex-Esteem Paperback from your favorite Indie Bookstore or Book Retailer for $30.00

For Indie Bookstore Lovers

Sleep-Over VIP Ticket Holders will receive their official Paperback copy on Friday February 10, 2023 during their Exclusive VIP Reception.

The first official copy of SEX-Esteem will be packaged and presented to a very special fan of mine who has been invested into this project and the book release from the very beginning. She will receive her book within the next couple of weeks or so.

Ladies and Gents, Prepare to Buckle Up for a Wild Intimate Adventure… Sex-Esteem is on the way.


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