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“Rich Dad Poor Dad” with My Son Jaheir.

I am teaching my boy and exemplifying the importance of character, integrity, hard work, discipline, literacy, finances, leadership and balance in order to get what he want out of life.

On a recent occasion, I spoke with Jah and reminded him that in just a few years he is going to be an adult and because of that we are going to start switching things up in order to prepare for adulthood.

I asked Jah if he was a man and he replied, “no.” I then asked what is a man and when do boys become men? and responded “I don’t know.” I proceeded to answer the questions I presented to him. I informed him that men take care of their family and boys become men when they are in position to do just that.

I then asked Jah, “who is responsible for teaching and showing him how to become a man” and he replied “you are.” So we got busy.

I am a soon to be 5th and 6 time published author and because I am responsible for teaching him how to become a man, one of his responsibility’s is to read all of my published books starting with “How Success Became My Focus” at different intervals, 45mins a day and write daily what he learned from them.

Jah has completed “How Success Became My Focus” and all of his required writing assignments. Today, he started Rich Dad Poor Day which was given to me by the Great Leon Anderson when I was a 9th Grader. Jah is a 4th Grader now. I suggested Rich Dad Poor Dad after he requested his SSN to open a Cash App account a couple days ago. 🙅🏽‍♂️❌🚫. It was that moment when I had to switch gears ⚙️ and thought of the first tool that assisted me with gaining financial literacy, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.

After speaking briefly with Jah about the Cash App account request and challenged him about who money he was going to be spending with the account, how he can earn money and after challenging him at Chipotle about credit and credit cards, it was time for him to get to work.

Top of the morning, as promised he got his hygiene together, cleaned up his space, read for 45 minutes and did his writing assignment before doing anything else.

Here is what he texted me after his first 45mins of reading 📖 Rich Dad Poor Dad.

“Rich dad poor dad. I learned that having two dads could be hard to have but you can still know the difference between both of them like saying in the book it said The to dads have different point of views so that’s what made me think having two dads are not that hard. The Money debt wasn’t taught in school it was taught at home but some people sometimes learned about money debt in school. In school we can learn about the value of money but we can’t use money because in my school we would have to choose either hot lunch or cold lunch. The only way to use money you have to understand what money is like if you have some money and you want to buy some stuff you should buy stuff that you need so you won’t run out of money. The poor dad didn’t get past eighth grade but he isn’t poor yet so he still has some time to do what he has to do so he could get past from middle school.”


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