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Sealing The Cracks In Her Pottery with Gold — New Kidney for mother who never gave up trying.

I love bringing out the best in others which is why my mission is to add the highest value I can continuously and unconditionally to each person I come in contact with.

“When you’ve stop fighting, when you’ve told yourself, “I quit, I have no more in me,” and when you allow others to get in your way via the negative seeds they plant inside of your mind, body and spirit — that is when the walls of opportunity close in on you — crushing your spark and every opportunity coming your way.”

However, “when you keep fighting, when you tell yourself “I can do it, I will make it,” and when you remove those negative influences from your garden and plant fruitful seeds in your mind, body and spirit— that is when your goals, dreams and opportunities begin to manifest and multiply.”

One of the greatest women I know who witnessed me grow from an infant to the mature, successful and responsible man I am today and who has supported me each step of the way, recently had the cracks in her pottery sealed with gold. That’s right, just days ago my aunt Alfee Greer received her Kidney transparent after many years of waiting on the donor list. Dialysis was draining the life out of her but she never gave up. She continued being a loving mom, master barber, dancing diva, supportive friend and relative. Yet Dialysis kept draining her — for years. Some people in her life as well. But she kept on moving.

Many times she would go into the kidney center at her local hospital with excitement after receiving calls from the medical team for a donor match. Time after time, she would arrive, dress in her hospital gown and prepare for a kidney transplant operation. Only to find out she wasn’t a match. This process drained her. High hopes to high lows.

However, she kept on fighting, she kept on believing, she kept on loving, she kept on living, she kept on being a fashionista, she kept going to her kidney transplant appointments and she continued going to dialysis until one day she learned to seal the cracks in her pottery with gold instead of garbage.

Her mind had started to become one with her body and her body started to become one with her spirit and they all became whole to bless her with her new kidney.

Cheney, I love ❤️ you. Thank you for not giving up and for continuing to allow your intuition to guide you. You are a nurturer by heart and may this new kidney of yours nurture your body getting rid of all the extra fluids, acids, and waste those machines weren’t able to help you with, so that you can have a healthier balance of water, salts and minerals— so you can live a much more rewarding life.

The human body is the greatest machine and you have shown us that.

PS. Now you can write your survivor story and I can help you publish it.

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