Are You Willing To Marry Without The Ring?

ARE YOU WILLING TO MARRY WITH SOMETHING OTHER THAN A RING? Like create your own item to symbolize your marriage or the love you have for that individual?

ARE YOU WILLING TO CREATE a new trend instead of following the same marketing trend that has been around for decades, that you must purchase or accept a ring to show your true love for one another?

Or are you afraid of what others may say? ARE YOU ALLOWING OTHERS TO CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS?

WITHOUT THE RING how do you really feel about that individual? Because it wasn’t until you got the ring that we heard about or even seen that person.

LOVE IS NOT, in the diamond of the ring but in the diamond of the heart, the spirit, the core. LOVE IS NOT made of metal, diamonds and a glossy finish, but of the energy of God within you. LOVE IS NOT PURCHASED from a jeweler, but purchased from your inner God, whom is in your spirit.

[ A wise man long, long, ago once picked an apple from a tree and proposed to his wife who gladly accepted ]

[ My symbolization of love and marriage does not have to be measured by a jewel, a marketing scheme and what by the masses of people do, but what I will symbolize it with. ]

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