You Don’t Leave A Good Man When He’s Trying…

Don’t you dare miss us when we are gone because you had us along, and no you can’t have us back by sending us nude pictures in your thong.

Knowing we have a new woman who is reaping the benefits you no longer wanted.

Those nude pictures are tempting and Woman, Don’t You Look Sexy.

But that’s lustful behavior, emotional weakness — and to think we wanted to give you a baby!

A daughter maybe, so she can grow to learn to become like you?

Nah Baby!

Nope! Can’t Happen!

As much as we would love to dive back into those dangling thongs making your meow juicy for the both of us, we know that if we did we will be back in your vicious trap. Emotionally draining the hell out of both of us.

You think sex is what all men want and all a man needs, so you think you can use what you got to get us back; even if that means getting on your knees.

Nope! That only works on the not so good men.

The good man you had, already had it and what’s new about that?

New hair, fragrance, underwear, makeup or a new tat?

But that same old attitude is somewhere right beneath all of that.

We aren’t stupid!

Although you still look beautiful and tasty.

Remember you drove us away, kicked us out and now you are asking for us to come back after witnessing someone else cherish what you thought was trash?

Nah see! We aren’t trash, we are the most valuable beings on the planet which is why there aren’t many of us left, who are responsible leaders and providers with a healthy stash of cash.

And while you were treating us like trash, your bountiful counterparts were waiting for you to throw us in the dumpster to recycle what you had.

They were the ones who told us to inform you, “You Don’t leave a Good Man When He’s Trying” because you may not ever get him back.

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CultivatingMinds 🧠

ClevelandAuthorJameelDavis ✍🏽

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