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Hey Best-Friends Alana & Michael Sanders,

Thank you for trusting me with the responsibility of capturing the most important day of your life.

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30 Years from now, you will look back on this moment and remember everyone who supported the joining of your family. 30 years from now, I will be able to say, I was gifted the vision and talent of capturing The Sanders’ Legacy,

Best-friend Alana, women become a wife before marriage, not after the wedding which is why my brother took the big step of asking for your hand in marriage. Most believe it’s the other way around and they are wrong.

“He who finds a wife finds gold and marries her, because she gives him what no other woman can.”

Michael saw duty, responsibility and legacy when he met and chose you to be his woman, not a fairytale. You were his wife before this moment and he was already your husband, which is why you both stole each other’s hearts three years ago, on your wedding day.

Best-Friend Alana, I absolutely love that you have found security in the arms of one of the greatest men I know, my brother Michael.

Michael, the words I shared with you on your wedding day was to breathe deeply and excel a few times, push our worries and pride to the side and get it done. That’s what men do, we get it done. We make it happen even when we think it’s impossible. You are the leader of your union and your family is counting on your strength, love, support and direction to lead them to their destiny.

Best-friend Alana, the duties of a wife is not to be a slave of the house, but to dream as well, to make those dreams come alive, while providing your love, nurturing, kindness and support to Michael and the children – creating their place of peace so they can go on and do what is necessary to live out their goals and dreams.

Michael and Alana, I love you both and I promise to do everything in my power to uphold your union. I have two shoulders for each of you to lean on when you need them most. Thank you again for allowing me to capture your wedding day the way I have.

I hope you love these photographs and the official wedding video.

Michael and Alana Sanders, you are beautiful! Cheers to many memorable memories together.

Cleveland Author Jameel Davis

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