Remembering Henry Ford!

At 5:57 this morning, tears 😭 began racing off of my eyelids as I learned of the passing of the great Mr. Henry Ford, 30 year veteran, devoted husband, inspiring speaker and author of six motivational self-help books, who left this world shortly after blessing the pages of my new book “Completely Naked” with his captivating and thought provoking Foreword for my audience.

My tears continues to flow as I reflect upon his legacy and knowing there has been no one who supported my writings and career as an author more then he has, knowing no one has been more of a fan of my work then he has. Not only has he supported my work, but also my son Jaheir’s work as well, when he invited Jaheir to appear with his book “Oh Yeah!! Let’s Write” at his family’s most recent 46th family reunion, selling out all his available copies and getting him a television interview with Ms. Audrey Wiggins.

Mr. Ford desperately wanted to attend the launch of Completely Naked back in June and all of my events surrounding the book, but indicated his health was declining and wished me well like he always did. It was that moment when he could no longer show up like he did, when I knew this news was going to be presented. But, I wasn’t ready…

I read every newsletter that he sent to my inbox, I read each of his daily motivational quotes that helped fueled my day and until there was no more.

Mr. Ford read, approved and wrote the foreword for one of the biggest and most challenging books in my career. His support and approval was the reason I went ahead and released the book as I did. I value Mr. Ford so much because I never knew little ole me had the power to grasp the attention and support of someone so legendary. He was 4x my age and rooted for me as if I was someone he looked up too — someone he wanted to become. He was my hero and I was trying to catch up to his stardom.

Mr. Ford thank you for the countless blessings of love, kindness, education and inspiration you have provided those who have connected with during your human experience. We really were pushing you like you were young, and I shouldn’t have allowed you to try and keep up, when you have already won. You have completed the race and for that I am forever grateful 😇

You asked me to help you become famous and for your 15 seconds of fame. Now you got what you asked for champ , the world knows who you are and they can’t get through Completely Naked 📕 without learning how much you meant to me.

Thanks for living Mr. Ford!

Completely Naked 📕

Henry Ford’s Books

Graduates, You are READY FOR TAKE OFF

Hansie Solomon, Ford-Bryson 46th Family Reunion with Jaheir Davis

Success is You —

“To all who helped build our Nation,
not just those who sit upon the wall.”

Happy Labor Day 2019! — Henry Ford

Davis is a positive and highly respectable individual. He is a man of change, an encouraging leader and is committed to lifting others up and shinning rays of hope throughout Cleveland and beyond. He is known for his educational seminars surrounding book publishing, dating and relationships, and his speaking appearances at schools and organizations.

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