Checking-In with Cleveland Author Jameel Davis during COVID-19


I hope this announcement find you well. It’s been quite some time since I’ve provided you with updates and information regarding events, projects, activities, books and so forth, and that’s because of the tragic pandemic of COVID-19.

When I received notice that American leaders and those of other countries around the world issued a stay at home order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I directed my focus on protecting myself, loved ones and community from the virus as a first-responder. Instead of sending emails about my books, activities and events, I wanted to create the space for you to take care of what’s important during these uncomfortable times, until this pandemic is over and life is back to what we know as being normal. I wanted to give you time to focus on your friends and loved ones, to reflect on your life and to plan ahead for achieving your goals. It would have been very inconsiderate of me to not grant you the space you need for yourself and your loved ones, and to waste your time with nonessential material.

My purpose of this announcement is to check in with you to let you know I am well and what life has been for me during these past few weeks. I also wanted to ensure that you and your loved ones are doing well and to send my condolences if you or any of your loved ones have been impacted in any way due to COVID-19.

Like millions of people around the world, all of my events starting from March through August 2020 have either been cancelled or rescheduled to the following year. Events like BookCon, Kent State University Alumni Awards Ceremony in which I have been nominated for the distinguished citizen award, the Toronto Urban Book Expo and Caribana. Instead of going into a frenzy like many have done, I remained calm and directed my energy toward something more productive and positive like creating the space in my home, community and place of employment for people to be safe and entertained while honoring our governor’s social distancing order.  I have been saving and investing money, and planning ahead for projects and events I wish to execute in the near future. Also, with all of this extra free time outside of my normal daily routines, I have taken pride in being with and assisting our young scholars with their virtual academic learning assignments. I can see Google Classroom and homework assignments being the new wave for our scholars. Many of them seem to find joy in completing assignments on their computer/Chromebook, as well as conducting video conferences with their teachers and classmates.


Stacey M. Robinson of KYA Publishing Canada, have completed the edits for my fourth book titled, “Completely Naked.” Here is what she had to say regarding the book:

Thank you for allowing me to edit your manuscript for Completely Naked and for trusting me with this important piece of writing! All I can say is: wow, wow, wow! That was intense, enlightening, introspective, and so many things all in one! This book contains so many important messages and life lessons that can be used to influence and educate people across generations.

I love the way the story progressed, how you unveiled each layer at a time, through each chapter, how you were personal and specific, and acknowledged your own growth, and then were able to communicate and express clarity and joy and pleasure in the end. Very well organized, and well written. It was incredibly brave of you to reveal yourself in this way and will be especially empowering for your readers. I wish you all the best as you publish your 4th book! ☺


Completely Naked is Revealing Your True Self Under Your Skin.”

Society had programmed me to never show a sign of weakness, because if I did, then I was weak. I was not a man. Here is a look at me in a way you have never seen me before: Completely Naked.

Fasten your seatbelt as I take you on a long, mind-blowing adventure on the non-magic school bus through my mind, veins, nervous system, beneath my layers of skin, tendons, and muscles, undressing my complete skeletal system. On this journey, you will discover parts of me and even parts of yourself that many people—especially men–keep locked away. If exposed, it could possibly lead to a life of public humiliation and embarrassment, which could possibly make you feel less of yourself if your truth ever got out. This gut-wrenching unmagical adventure is Intense, Sensitive, Uncomfortable, Amusing, and Unforgettable. It’s a journey for those who are brave.

Hold On Tight!

Due to the impact of COVID-19, everything else I need in order to complete the project and to prepare it for publication next year is on hold until things are back to normal. Right before the Stay At Home order was initiated, I was able to record the introduction of the book with ZEALOUS STUDIO SERVICES LLC for Audiobook. Completely Naked will be also made available via eBook and hardback for book lovers across the world to enjoy. I have several ideas and concepts in mind for the book cover, interior and book release. And just like “In Between These Sheets,” I will be having a book unveil for Completely Naked.

I released In Between These Sheets on my 30th Birthday last year (August 21st) and began writing Completely Naked in October. I completed the writing in just 19 days after. Just when I thought I was done writing until after the release of Completely Naked, my creative juices started flowing again and on April 9th. I began writing “In Between These Sheets II“, a collection of erotic stores. I have over 85 pages completed so far. No release date has been set at this time.


Sex is very beautiful and artistic in nature. The vibrant colors, creativity and excitement it produces when mixed together properly, safely, and respectfully with someone special — who loves painting our blank canvases with nasty sex and  intensifying orgasms to follow — as much as me are moments worth living for. And, I am certain you love and crave those moments of ecstasy as well. 

Here, I have spilled colorful paints of sex on these sheets for your enjoyment, that is guaranteed to boost your sex-esteem. So, unleash your purring house-cat from your panties and let her run wild in between these sheets with you. 

You want it and I wanted you to want it. Now turn it on over, open it up and press your face down into the sheets — as I dig deep into the soul of your cat, making her juicy for the both of us. 

Enjoy this collection of erotic stories by Cleveland Author Jameel Davis. 

I have jumped the gun a bit and started working with 3KP Marking for the Book Cover of In Between These Sheets II. I figured since I did not want to have a photo-shoot for the book cover, I could go ahead and use stock photos for the cover and interior images. Together we have come up with several book cover design concepts to choose from and we have the first concept already done.

Here is concept #1

I took to social media to vote on this concept and the majority of my audience has selected the blue design. Moving forward, I will put the blue design up against the other designs we are working with and will allow my audience to choose the final cover for publication.

I would like to thank you for taking the time out to read this announcement and for allowing me to share my quarantine experiences and project updates with you. I will continue to release love and joy into the universe for you and your loved ones to receive during this time. Peace, love and respect, always.

Jameel Davis.

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