There’s much value in the inner city projects which is home to the worlds greatest people.

Many often wondered how I partied so much in College and still excelled in my studies. Being from inner city Projects in America, our urine, drug and gang infested hallways and playgrounds was/is our college and I didn’t want to graduate into someone’s cemetery or prison. I had no clue what college was until I reached the 8th grade and Case Western Reserve University changed my life forever. After accepting my offer to Salem International University in West Virginia after Graduating with Honors from High School, I felt I was in the projects again, minus the urine, drug and gang infested hallways and playgrounds. I had no room to be me, to play; just room to excel academically. 

Transferring the following year to Kent State University, I made it my duty to put me first, creating room for a full fun college experience. Within two months of being on campus, I attracted many of the world’s most amazing people to date with my enthusiasm and outgoing personality. Them and those urine, drug and gang infested hallways and playgrounds, were my motivation to stay away from Early Cemetery College and Prison University. I made Kent State University my playground after completing my work in advance of the due date, so I can celebrate how far I’ve come with those amazing people weekly — and us college kids had the time of our life, while achieving our goal of becoming rich in mind, body and in spirit. 

I’ve carried my same work ethic since stepping on Kent State’s Campus in 2009 and now many of you can see why I’m able to execute many of my most challenging projects and tasks rapidly. I do not procrastinate. Procrastination is the biggest cause of failure in my opinion. I get stuff done so that I can live the life I desire with those who matter most, while still inspiring others to become their greater self. 

Here is one of my favorite pictures during my time at Kent State University — Being myself, taking a jello shot at #CollegeFest (2011 I believe) with some amazing women, wearing their “I Like To Do HoodRat Things With My Friends” shirt.

There’s much value in the inner city projects which is home to the worlds greatest people. 
Many people who aren’t from such environments mimic the behavior and lifestyles of people living and who are from those areas, but truly desires to be like us. We know this by the way we are treated and what the world tries to limit us from achieving. I take pride in being from the inner city projects, using my willpower to overcome life’s greatest challenges and becoming what many are afraid to become, which is themselves and posing with intelligent women from various backgrounds who like me, like to do hood-rat things. If you like to do hood-rat things with your friends, give credit to the hood-rats in the inner city projects who have made it possible for you to do what you are doing. 

This is my Throwback Thursday with a hint of motivation and inspiration for those of you who are looking to do and become better. Thank you Kent State University, the many people who have showed me the way and those who I’m currently leading for investing in me. 

Be who you are when the camera is rolling as you are when it’s off. #CultivatingMinds

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