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This past weekend, I created my official “Street Team” signup application for fun, passionate, alll-around amazing readers to help me spread the word about my books and amazing events. In exchange for their participation, they receive all of my books for free, enter to win cool swag and more. In exchange for free books and cool swag, they agree to leave book reviews, post fun photos and videos on their most active social media sites.

Tonisha M. Glover is my first street team member and she has already purchased the first edition of How Success Became My Focus, Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself and In Between These Sheets. As a member of my street team, she have received the new second edition copy of How Success Became My Focus and some Cool 😎 Swag!!


Are you a BOOK LOVER like me???

Check this out…

Earlier this week, I signed up to officially become a member of Cleveland Author Jameel Davis’s STREET TEAM and today I received a FREE copy of the brand new edition of his first book, HOW SUCCESS BECAME MY FOCUS, and some cool gadgets and swag 🙌🏽!

I would describe a street team member as a hands on supporter of the author. One who is vocal about their appreciation for the author’s craft and an advocate for their work as a whole. Street team members are dedicated and passionate about the writer’s talent and express great interest in their journey. Many street team members showcase their support by promoting and attending the author’s upcoming events and leaving detailed book reviews on major book and publishing platforms!

Street team members can receive early opportunities to read new books from the author, win street team only giveaways, be acknowledged in future published books, receive free swag, get a chance to promote their own talent, business, product, etc.

If you are interested in joining me and applying to become an official member of Cleveland’s own, International Author Jameel Davis’s street team, contact Cleveland Author Jameel Davis for more details ‼️

If you are interested in applying, visit here

Nee Nee, thank you for being apart of the team. Enjoy Your SWAGGGGG!!!!


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