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I have been working on my new book project “In Between These Sheets” since releasing my internationally recognized sophomore book “Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself” which was in 2017. I have been planning my 30th Birthday Celebration and book cover Unveil Ceremony “Between The Sheets Old Skool Pajama Jam” since May of this year.

*You won’t be able to see the book cover until then*

My mind has been like a train, racing with finishing the book, planing the event and staying on task with my daily responsibilities. I have been working hard to ensure my supporters have a great book and fun experience at my event. It’s the entrepreneur in me to make sure things are professional and ran smoothly. I have to be a few steps ahead and prepared to act incase things don’t work out as planned.

This is the most vital part of being a writer, public figure, professional and everything else because people are paying money for a service and product that I have to deliver on. Poor execution can hinder my growth. So, I’ve been extra strategic with my planning as the world is watching and future bookings are on the rise.

Projects and events like the ones I’m working on is my way of paying it forward to those who have been patient with me during times of need. Again, I am working hard to ensure you all have an amazing experience and a book to go along with it.

The paper book version is complete and will be available everywhere books are sold beginning August 26, 2019. The ebook version will be completed by this weekend and will be available for download on all major digital book platforms on August 26th. I’ve decided to make the book a hardback and once the cover is designed for that version it will be released on August 26th.

I am changing the narrative with “In Between These Sheets” as you will see when you purchase your copy. Also, I am changing the narrative with the Old Skool Pajama Jam by having people celebrate my birthday with my in their Pjs during day hours.

I welcome you and your loved ones to join me on August 25, 2019 @ Red Space to celebrate my 30th Birthday and Book Unveil. I will be giving away a special edition copy of my book and other gifts to my 30th Ticket Buyer.



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