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If someone were to prompt you with the question, “Who Are You?” What would be your initial response?

Would you tell them who you are or would you just tell them your name?

If you respond by giving your name, you have failed to answer the question correctly. If the person presented the question, What is your name? then you would have answered correctly. Who are you? and What is your name? are two different questions and it’s important that you answer each one correctly and with confidence.

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Everyone wants to feel a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, to feel accepted by others and to be recognized for who they are and what they have accomplished. However, when many are given the space to share themselves with others, they become voiceless, as if they do not exist. They know their name, but nothing else about themselves. In addition, many do not know the true meaning behind the name their parents have given them.

Having no understanding of who you are; no identity of your own, opens you up to be defined and controlled by others.

So when you are asked, Who are you? You are invited to share with the person a summary of who you are. If you know who you are, tell them. They may be the person holding the key to your destiny. If not, allow me to help you get started on finding you.

Picture yourself waking up in a room; a dark room with a lit candle sitting in the corner. You walk over to where the candle is sitting and pick it up, so you can figure out where you are. As you begin to turn, you begin to see obituaries fill the walls. Obituaries of people who look just like you. After peeking inside a few of those obituaries, you noticed many of them had only a few sentences in them, describing the deceased person.

“De’Shaun Maurice Williams was born on July 21, 1998 to the parents of Desiree Johnson and Darron Williams. De’shaun attended Philadelphia City Schools, where he played football and basketball. He loved Jordan Tennis shoes, hanging out with his friends and sharing laughs with his family. De’shaun left behind his sister, Tatiana, his brother Tayvaughn, his mother and father, and a host of friends and loved ones, who loved him dearly.”

After reading, you begin thinking to yourself, what if this was me on the wall? What would they write about me? Would I mean anything to anyone? What legacy would I leave? Will I die with unachieved goals or dreams? Do I still have time to correct my behavior and attitude toward others? Can I still achieve goals and help others achieve theirs?

While moving along, scanning the walls, you bump into a large object near the center of the room that you wasn’t aware of before and jumped with fear to what appeared to be the sound of a trunk closing. When you turned and faced, you noticed it was a coffin you had bumped into. Uncontrollably scared and nervous, your mind begin to race about who could possibly be inside this coffin. Who did I locked in there?

After a few minutes have gone by, you decide to approach the coffin and open it. With your head turned away and your heart racing, you gradually opened the coffin with your hand until it locked open. As your heart begin to pound harder, as if it was going to explode out of your chest, you slowly start turning your head back to look inside. When you turned to face the coffin, you noticed someone there in the coffin. YOU! Then the lights turn on.


Are you a dead man/woman walking? or are you living out your true purpose?

Is your obituary going to be filled with great accomplishments and will your funeral be filled with loving people who will carry your name on?


Do you know your deepest thoughts, desires and emotions? What about your character traits, your values, what makes you happy, and why you think and do the things you think and do?

Do you know how to separate who you are and what you want to be from what the world thinks and wants you to be?


Birthed with the intentions of helping men and women discover their purpose and take ownership of their lives, “Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself”is a book that encourages readers to define, identify and to accept thyself without using society’s standards. It teaches readers how to examine themselves in attempt to modify their thoughts and in turn become their best self and make a difference in the lives of others.

Here you will learn how to hurdle many of the obstacles that may be standing in your way of becoming your greater self; a false identity, miseducation, poor parenting, negative influences and more, so that you can become the successful, educated and responsible individual your are destined to become.

I strongly believe that if you can even absorb the equivalent of a mustard seed of information, inspiration and drive from this book, it will not take very long before you garner positive results. Jameel is aggrandizing success by inviting us to find success with significance through our most powerful personal asset – our minds. –Andrè Russell, Chief Operations Officer at Sports & Spine Physical Therapy

“Cultivating Minds” is that constant reminder, reminding you to take ownership of your life, improve your attitude and behavior, as well as pour into the minds of others, so that the world you live in could become a better place.”




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Post Inspired by Shan Shimmy

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