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New Indie Author, Tamika McClain Releases, “From Nothing To Something: The Story of My Life” and selects Jameel Davis as the guest speaker for her book release party.


It’s a wonderful feeling witnessing something you’ve worked very hard at blossom into something beautiful.

To me, it’s an even greater experience when your passion, drive, and leadership inspires someone who’ve watched you become great, develop similar characteristics like, desire, willpower and perseverance, and go on to create and achieve something that is very dear to them; like their own story and turning it into a Book!

When author Tamika McClain contacted me a while back, asking me to assist her with the publishing of her book, after her horrible experience with a previous publisher, I couldn’t resist. I don’t like when people are treated unfairly and if I can help, I help. I consulted with Tamika several times, offering advice, information, a plan of action for getting her work published and a publishing itinerary.

“Tamika McClain is now a Published Author.”

I am grateful to have been able to assist Tamika with the publishing of “From Nothing To Something” and to be selected as the guest speaker for her book release event this November. When I say she told it all in this book, SHE TOLD IT ALL! I love raw and cutting edge content. She gave me that in this book. I’m excited to present to her audience and to receive my signed physical copy.

“From Nothing To Something: The Story of My Life” written by Author Tamika McClain

Book Release Event is scheduled for Sunday November 11, 2018 from 2:30 P.M. – 6:30 P.M. at Captiv8 Potato Bar, located at 2049 E. 8th Street, Cleveland, OH.

Admission is $25.00 – Price includes, an autographed book, pictures with the author and a meal.

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Author McClain discusses how pain is what makes winning so great! This life memoir depicts a story of turning your painful past into a positive ending. But she soon discovered that in order to succeed, she needed to believe in herself first and then learn how to kick self-pity in the butt, forever. She realized that her birth was not a mistake; she was born into this world with a purpose, despite her obstacles. But most importantly, instead of giving up on life, she decided to wipe the tears off her face, cover the bruises she has encountered through life and keep pressing to the finish the race of living life. She never gave up and soon discovered how Anointed her life really is.

“Learning where you come from can help close the doors behind you and release the burdens that maybe weighing heavy on your back”, says McClain.

“There comes a point in your life, when after you’ve cried, stressed, screamed, fought and loss all hope, you have to get up and stand straight, dust yourself off, claim your life back and take back all that was stolen from you because it is rightfully yours.”

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