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HaPPy NEw YEar 2023

Back on January 3, 2022, I stated “2022” would be the year of:

Self-Reflection, Self-Awareness, Healing, Risk taking, Growth and Sexy.

And I was absolutely right. So right I have written over 100 pages for my 7th book titled Self-Awareness Is Uncomfortable But It’s Sexy: I Cry, He Cry, You Cry, We Cry & Heal Together which has no set release date, as a result of my predictions, the experiences I’ve encountered this year, the uncomfortable layers of myself I had to peel back, the healing and growth I went through in order to blossom into a much greater me.

“Self-Awareness is extremely uncomfortable because It requires Self-Accountability which is difficult for many people to do because it requires one to remove the filter from their lenses and see themselves for who they truly are and how their behavior affects others. “Leaving the Comfort Zone.” This journey is scary and it hurts. But it is worth it and necessary in order to become your better self.

Those who are self-aware and who are fully accountable for their actions are the most attractive and rewarding beings. Self-awareness is very difficult to achieve because it requires being alone and many of us do not like isolation. But when it’s achieved the greatest love of all presents itself.

I spent a lot of time alone this year, dealt with some very uncomfortable feelings and emotions (instead of running away), and took many risks despite the beautiful things the world has witnessed of me this year. I am very grateful for those experiences because those experiences allowed me to stand tall, smile and progress forward in a healthy and inspiring way.

I hope the emotions and creativity I displayed this year have encouraged you to self-reflect, become self-aware, to heal, take risks, grow and to be sexy within.

I believe 2023 will be the year of Execution and Gratitude; taking all of the education and lessons from this year and applying it to secure the outcome we want and being grateful for each challenge, success, award and milestone; whether personal or professional. 

Happy New Year! I Love You!   

Cleveland Author Jameel Davis

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