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Forgiveness Requires First Being Completely Vulnerable.

Being Completely Vulnerable is Freaking Uncomfortable. However, I’ve learn to find beauty in sitting with my truth. There is beauty when you achieve the outcome you want out of life just by being Completely Vulnerable, doing the hard work that is necessary to break through to the other side.

There is beauty in understanding, acceptance and forgiveness and it takes a certain individual with a lot of discipline to understand and do just that. I pride myself for being this person even if I don’t get the same in return from others.

Forgiveness isn’t for other people, it’s for yourself. Forgiveness is freedom and freedom is love and true love is found after being Completely Vulnerable.

  • Cleveland Author Jameel Davis ✍🏽 is signing off.

Self-Awareness is Uncomfortable But It’s Beautiful; I Cry, He Cry, You, Cry, We Cry & Heal Together.

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