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It’s Supposed to Be The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…

It’s Supposed to Be The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…

But, It is a tough time of the year for many people; a time of the year where love and joy should be celebrated with your loved ones — all the way into the new year.


I must admit, I am not in the spirit of joy. It’s a very tough time of the year for me as well. My charismatic spirit has been attacked by the uncontrolled emotions and behaviors of others causing my love and joy tank to be on Empty.

I don’t have the energy to wrap the gifts I’ve gotten and give them with a feeling of joy. Nor dance in the holiday cheer. I’m depleted.

Imagine being the only rose in a garden of weeds, trying your best to pour your love and resources into the dead soil, ugly roots and stems of those weeds in the garden to create a brighter and more fruitful garden, and find yourself depleted with no energy to move on. Imagine yourself collapsing and all those weeds work collectively to eat your petals, stems and roots until there is no more of you. While they celebrate their attack on you.

I feel like that rose during this time of the year. We all mask something about ourselves even our raw emotions and feelings. But fall 2019 when I decided to write my fourth book and this year, May 25, 2021, when I released it, I’ve decided to be “Completely Naked,” revealing my true self under my skin. Not just through books, but openly to anyone in radius. I decided to muster up the courage to face anyone who caused me to be out of place because of their lack of self-control and emotional intelligence, in private or in public.

Good people of service understand the pressure of showing up for everyone, as well as those in need and how that pressure bursts your love and joy pipes because there is no one around to charge you back up after you have given yourself to others.

But I’ve checked in with myself; My love and joy is found within me, not through others. I will no longer spread myself so thin, I can’t help everyone, especially when they do not want to be helped. I have anchored myself back to my place of peace, peace within and will celebrate with me more than anyone else this season and after, even if it causes others to be upset and uncomfortable.

To my good people, Happiness is an internal state that only you can create yourself. No one can make you happy but you. If you aren’t capable of making yourself happy, there’s really nothing anyone can do to help you become happy.

Don’t go broke this holiday season just to put a smile on someone’s face, when in turn you will be frowning because your bank account is on Empty. Invest in you and fill your love tank up before investing in someone else.

The best gifts are those which make life happy and those gifts can’t be bought. Like; love, time and kindness.

Happy Holidays 🎁🎆

Signing Off!

Cleveland Author Jameel Davis

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