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GHETTO THERAPY at Clubhouse Essentials Inc.

I would like to take this moment to recognize and thank my brother Walter Patton for his investment in our community and in me, as well as Club House Essentials Inc. for the community development programs and services they provide community residents.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of attending another session of Ghetto Therapy, where therapy is brought to the community instead of the community leaving to go to therapy. My first visit I was mute and soaked in all the wealth and wisdom given by some of the most powerful black men I ever been in company of. This visit was different, I couldn’t help but to pour into the minds, bodies and spirits of those in the room regarding the subject matter being discussed, which I believe many if not all were very receptive of.

Tonight, approximately 30 guests who are community leaders, residents and youth collectively discussed the affects, trauma, coping and solutions of Gun Violence. Here created the safe space and provided love for two lovely, powerful, strong and beautiful block women and mothers as they shared their testimonies about losing their child and mother to gun violence and how they cope with their lost. It was a healing moment for everyone involved and that is what Ghetto Therapy is all about.

The night ended with me performing “I Don’t Deserve to Be Shot Down” which speaks to the topics discussed and reading my poem “We Are More Than Just A Color” a black history exclusive, to send us off on a good note.

I wasn’t expecting this at all, but I was presented with a Spa Day Voucher and a Holiday Toy Voucher sponsored by Cleveland Peace Makers @forclevepeace . The vouchers were presented to me from the two lovely, powerful, strong and beautiful block women who shared their powerful stories who also received the two vouchers.

Ladies thank you for choosing me as a recipient, I am forever grateful. Walt and Club House Essentials Inc., the work you all are doing is truly amazing. Everyone that connects with Ghetto Therapy and Club House Essentials seems to leave fulfilled and that is proof that this initiative is needed .

Thank you for having me.

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