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“Tears of A Hummingbird” Book Review

Her New And Unique Writing Style Is Beautiful.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to love “Tears of A Hummingbird” by new Novelist, NeeNee Marie. Her new and unique writing style is beautiful, it’s poetic, it’s breathtaking, it’s captivating.

In a class of her own, NeeNee has climbed to the top of my favorite female writer’s of all time ladder with her new heart-pounding, impactful and colorful tale of FADA (Fighting Against Domestic Violence). NeeNee Marie has taken me on a dark, yet vibrant adventurous journey of survival, forgiveness, motherhood, sisterhood, healing, freedom, self-love and self-reflection. A tale that has changed my life for the better, as I am fighting to break my own generational curses of abuse in my new book “Completely Naked.”

With each page and chapter in Tears of A Hummingbird, the story intensified placing me on the edge of my seat, yearning for what will happen next; rather for better or for worst. I found myself so deeply connected to the story, lost in the world of Symone, her family history of trauma, her attackers, her marriage, her healing tools, her hope for the future, and the many suspenseful plots and twists, that I completed the book in two settings. The first, I sat and read eight of the eleven chapters straight. The second, I read the remaining three chapters.

After reading the last line in Tears of A Hummingbird, unexplained feelings crept upon me, a feeling of relief, of victory, a feeling of sadness and reflection, as I know many people who this book could have saved from dying at the mercy of someone who was supposed to love them, or better yet, saved them from following through with their self inflicted harm that caused their own death.

Tears of A Hummingbird paints more than just vibrant colors of blue, green and yellow found in the feathers on the front of her book cover, but a beautiful new beginning for many who will close the book after reading the last line in her novel. Tears of A Hummingbird do not just belong on your display case, but in the hands of those who are battling generational curses of child hood abuse, trauma, neglect, depression, self-harm, relationship and spousal abuse.

“I drove forward. Quiet and focused on my destination, I drove forward. With great purpose and without looking back, I drove forward. I pressed harder on the gas; I could see my future in front of me. I drove forward, leaving behind pain and regret. I drove forward towards healing, peace, health, and happiness. I drove forward.”

Author NeeNee Marie, outstanding job. Writing awards are coming your way. Your work is beautiful and will changes the lives of each reader who will read it from cover to cover.

I Love You,


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