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I finally caught back up with myself; last week and over the weekend, my mind took off and my spirit was drained, hungry for creativity, love and positive energy.

No Graffiti 🎨 but I’m an Artist👨🏽‍🎨, a #BlackArtist ⚫️ Spraying cans of #Love, instead of #Hate, #Joy with #Understanding. My spirit is #healthy and my orbit 🌌is #peaceful. I’m #Rich in #Mind, #Body & in #Spirit! — (📸 @3kpmarketing @wakehustlegrind_ceo)

Many of you and others across the world have released so much darkness in the air, overpowering my light and positive spirit — causing my blood pressure to sky rocket from stress. The air has been filled with so much ugliness and my energy was wiped out by the storm. I was dizzy, nauseous and weak. I had a migraine and felt defeated. The energy many of you have released into the air almost took me out. I was in desperate need of restorative love and energy.

After turning to my support system (without informing them how I was really feeling) yesterday and on Sunday evening, I allowed their natural abilities to charge me back up. This past week/weekend was the lowest I’ve felt in a very long time and I’m forever grateful of those who have showered me with the spiritual food I needed to push that toxic energy up off me, helping me catch back up with myself.

Here I am charged up with Zealous Studio Services working on the Audiobook for Completely Naked.

#ChargedUp ⚡️

#CultivatingMinds 🧠



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