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“I am convinced that our best is yet to come.

It’s when we see ourselves in the highest light that we go on and achieve great things and inspire our very own people to do the same. 

During my journey, I have learned to be thankful for everything I have endured and will endure because the end result of happiness is death, not the challenges I am faced with. I have also learned that, it’s the other side of fear where the manifestation of our dreams and desires are found. So, for those of us who are in need of a push should consider this, “every time we say, I don’t feel like working on myself or I don’t feel like working on my dreams, we push our goals and dreams further and further away.”

When we don’t feel like doing something is when we should be doing something, so that we can secure the life that we desire.

In life, we have to fight back the walls that are constantly trying to close in on us. With each punch, kick and push, the walls will become weak and we will eventually breakthrough. But if we choose to not fight back, the walls will crush us.


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