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Happy 7th Birthday Jaheir

My Son,

Many say the number “7” resembles luck 🍀 but son, you didn’t get here by luck, you got here on purpose. You are here by divine right.

You are God and God is Love. You are great and you are destined to become greater by Divine Right.

I am very grateful to have you as my son.

I Love You with My Words and with My Actions. I will Continue to Lead you the best way I Know How and Soon You Will Be Able to Lead Me.

Here’s to 7 Years of Love, Direction, Friendship, Fun, Trail & Error, Trail & Success, Teamwork, Growth and Happiness.

Aim to be the best “7 Year Old You” that you can be and remember to give every task your best shot.

Happy Anniversary of Life My Prince 👑

Your Father!

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