Lessons of Love from Grandma

One of the greatest blessings to have in life is someone who loves you, respects you, accepts you, believes in you, praises you, encourages you, promotes you, nurtures you, dances with you and protects you no matter what.

My grandma Arlene Willis/Williamson, have taught me what love looks and feels like from a woman and that if a woman can’t treat me as good as she treats me, then that woman isn’t worthy of me. My grandma has never lifted a finger to harm me, but to hug and hold me. My grandma has never fixed her lips to yell at me in anger or to slander my name, but to build me up and cheer me on from the sideline and in the stands.

Grandma, I am grateful for your existence and for your assistance in shaping me into the man I am today. Thank you for setting the bar 📶

I am at the point in life now where people must come correct or don’t come at all. I will not accept nor tolerate the uncontrolled emotions and behaviors of others. You’ve taught me that and for that I can see and move toward a brighter path ahead.

– Jameel Davis

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