Even when I knew he wasn’t right for you in whom I said nothing to you about, as your friend when you pushed me away to reap all of his temporary forever’s in a matter of weeks or months, I maintained true to my being.

I have never fixed my lips to disrespect you, deceive you, to kiss you, nor to request sexual advances. But I have fixed my lips to speak highly of you, to honor you, to uplift and to inspire you.

I have never and will never fix my hands and arms to harm you, but I did fix them to hold you, love you, support you and to protect you.

All I ever wanted was to be your friend and nothing more. But you ended our growing friendship for a guy who only wanted several nights with you and nothing more.

Oh, and the girl next door.

Remember I taught you how to spot those kinds to avoid being hurt?

Wait you didn’t take notes, and as a result you became blinded by his first words.

He is no longer present and now you feel as if your heart and spirit is shattered to pieces. And now, you are reaching back out to me to help you pick up the pieces.

“Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night, How You Been?”


“Who is Jameel? Oh he’s nobody!”

Now it’s, “Hey Best-Friend.”

Where were you when I needed my friend? Oh that’s right, In Between His Sheets and pants.

Hey, you want to meet up for lunch or stop by for dinner? We can talk about it then.

After a couple bites and noticing I am still the same man but slightly different, you pull at my drawstring trying to get a taste and feel of my member.

Friend-Zone! Friend-Zone! Friend-Zone!


Passionate thrusts of this precious magical wand of mine would only be a temporary fix to your pain. You would be blinded again mistaking me for what’s his name.

Our friendship was never built this way and it sure isn’t about to begin today. Remember, all I ever wanted to be was your friend and you pushed me away.

I came by to tell you how I feel and to let know you know things will be ok, and the love I once had for you is still present, but in the Friend-Zone is where we shall remain.

“In Between These Sheets” by Jameel Davis coming to book retailers soon…


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