Life is all about understanding, changing and adapting. If you spend your valuable time trying to patch up every scratch, you won’t ever be able to enjoy the moment and the journey ahead.

Somethings, we just have to handle, let go and move forward from. Neither of us will ever have a problem free path. Life is not designed that way. It’s not the problems and issues that prevents us from succeeding, but the way we react and respond to them.

Many of us desire stability and consistency in our personal lives; career, family, relationships etc., When I think of stability, I think of a building. Buildings stay put for many years and are resistant to change. So for me, a person who wants stability doesn’t desire to grow or change. Those who are stable will soon sustain wear and tear, and damages which will be too expensive to repair.

When I think of being consistent or requiring someone to be consistent with me, it’s like a machine stamping the same logo, the same way, on the same kind of envelope over and over again. Most people do and require others to do the same thing over and over, while expecting something different. That’s the definition of insanity. You or that person cannot and will not grow that way.

In this life, you have to be comfortable with change because you were created to be a limitless, loving and flexible being.

I am not saying it will be easy, but after you have learned to understand, change and adapt, I promise it will be all worth it.

– In Between These Sheets Coming August 2019

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