Love is “Law” Family is “Business”

Love is “Law” ⚖️ Family is “Business” 📑

My purpose, desires and responsibilities are far beyond intimacy.

Securing an intimate relationship with someone worthy is a great milestone to reach, but once that milestone have been reached, that’s not where my eyes will shut.

There’s so much more for me to achieve and so many more people for me to inspire along their personal journey of success.

I will become more optimistic, keeping my vision alive and will attract more of my desires without, during or after securing an intimate relationship.

In the event I begin to feel anyone way down my potential because of their selfishness or limiting thoughts, they will be dismissed.

In the event you aren’t able to add value to the foundation that have been set, you will be dismissed.

I’m not obligated to give myself to anyone. Regardless of how mushy I make them feel when they are in my presence.

We all have a choice and my decisions aren’t based off anyone’s uncontrolled emotions. Emotions don’t produce results. They are just what they are, emotions. Feelings that come and go.

2 comments on “Love is “Law” Family is “Business”

  1. I admire how you can speak from the soul. Truly saying what so many think but never say aloud.


    • Hi Sarah, thank you for following my blog. I appreciate you taking the time out to read my thoughts and to engage on my post. I believe part of owning who we are is expressing ourselves fully. Not limiting our thoughts and decisions based upon societies standards.

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