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“7” by Author Ivy Lee


If you are looking for a phenomenal, gut wrenching, life changing book that will have your spirit lifted from your body and transferred into the bodies of it’s characters as you experience their jaw dropping traumatic, narcissistic and heartfelt experiences as they experience them, “7” is the book for you. 

After reading this masterpiece, All I can say is “WoW.” I relived the experiences of each character in the book as if I was in a Virtual Realty. I showed all types of emotion; anger, frustration, hurt, laughter, excitement etc. I was truly on an emotional roller coaster. 

Ivy Lee’s character Sevan is by far the greatest fictional character I have ever met. I cried real tears while reliving her childhood, adolescence and young adult life. I wish I could hug Sevan in physical form and just honor her. I cried tears of hurt from the many years of abuse her and mother experienced and how it affected their love life. I cried tears of joy after witnessing her gain strength to find her and her purpose; for being in tune with the universe, silencing offenders who have ruined kids and those who would have eventually. I truly admired how she challenged the religious beliefs and thoughts of her therapist who was known to be an expert for healing survivors.

People may call her crazy, but I love everything about her character. Her behavior as a woman was very attractive and exciting to me. Especially getting under Steve’s (her therapist) skin, making him very uncomfortable and surprising him with something he couldn’t fathom. Instant turn on. Sevan to me is every survivors superhero. She is my shero. She represented for all the survivors of sexual abuse and those who have lost their life due to sexual abuse. 

Tears really flowed down my face for Ivy Lee, because this is a masterpiece and she is now one of my favorite writers. I literally elevated my spirit from my body as Sevan had done throughout the book and walked with her through every page. I cried writing this review because I am happy that I had the opportunity to meet Ivy Lee and I am anxious to see this story blossom into something bigger than she, you and I can imagine. I will never forget the affect this book had on me. I’m really at lost for words; her work is something I could have never imagined. The twists and turns had me blown away. I said to myself, How in the world did she pull that off? Brilliant! 

I seriously hope and wish “7” gets into the hands of a film production company and is turn into a film. I personally believe this story to too big for Lifetime & Netflix. I could almost guarantee that if it was turned into a film, theaters across the world would be sold out and she would win an prestigious award. 

Ivy Lee, I want to personally thank you for this book and to personally congratulate you on a job well done. Follow Ivy Lee on Instagram | Like Ivy Lee on Facebook 

Jameel Davis


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