Ladies, just because the guy that you want doesn’t like you back, doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful. Because You Are!

Don’t Kill Yourself!

The number of women who have taken their own life or who have attempted to take their life after spending hundreds on hair, makeup, etc. trying to appeal to a guy who rejected them is alarming.

“Don’t You Ever Let A Man Get In Your Head So Much, That You Wind Up Hurting Yourself, Because It Ain’t Worth. He Ain’t Worth It!”

“You Are Worth More Than Just A Sperm-Deposit-Box”

Our Creator made you perfect in his image and likeness; until you understand that, until you fill your interior with self love, you will always struggle with who you are.

Own who you are when you look in the mirror at your natural state. Spend enough time by yourself that you learn your deepest thoughts, desires and emotions, your character traits, your values, what makes you happy, and why you think and do the things you think and do. “Cultivate Your Mind To Own Thyself” (Read My Book).

Your frame is beautiful as it is, your mind is just clogged with self-doubt, hate, worry, jealousy, envy, etc., which is holding you back from living out your purpose and enjoying the present. Your mind is in need of a complete renovation. Cleanse your mind, body and spirit and you will be a masterpiece.

Take note that, Beauty is beyond skin deep and skin can tear very easily, damaging that beautiful face. But a Solid Core, a solid core will override every exterior aspect you have; breasts, buttocks, tattoos, piercings, cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, shoes, etcetera. A cleansed and solid interior is way more attractive than anything that lies on the surface of your skin. That solid foundation will help you attract everything you desire. Even a guy who is worthy of you.

3 comments on “Ladies, just because the guy that you want doesn’t like you back, doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful. Because You Are!

  1. Amen! Excerpt from my book; Get It or Get Got! ” Love you; and know who you are. God made you. He didn’t make anyone like you. That’s the miracle and beauty of it. Of all the billions and billions of people, God made you like no one else. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Know it and own it!

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    • You are perfect – Reason being every experience of yours is unique and created especially for you.

      Also, every cell, piece of tissue, organ, bone and system in your body was created perfectly for you.

      You are perfect because you are you and no one can become you.

      Your failures, mistakes, pain, success, happiness and joy is perfectly made just for you.

      You are not anyone else, and that’s the beauty of being perfect. The beauty of being you.

      So be perfect in all that you do, your highs and lows. No one in the world is you, so you are perfectly created.

      Thank you for sharing your excerpt from your book. Happy New Year! I wish you much love, light and prosperity. 😊


      • Your welcome and thank you for responding. I appreciate your thoughts!! Happy New Year! Blessings and prosperity to you!


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