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Fellas, No Excuses!

You can no longer blame your father’s neglect for the neglect, pain and suffering you are causing your family and your community.

You cannot blame the businesses out here for not giving you a job, for your reasons of dealing drugs, robbing individuals and burglarizing homes. Create your own business just as they have done and provide for yours. Don’t take from another man’s family because you are without.

You can’t blame your last girlfriend or wife for your reason of not loving again. You can’t blame your mother for not showing you affection. Stand up and educate yourself and be all that you can be.

Women, speak life into them. Treat them as the man they have the potential to be, so that they can develop into their purpose. They need your support because right now they feel you are against them just as the system is.

CHAPTER 6: I Am My Brothers and Sisters Keeper in my new book Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself

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