The Way You Love, May not be the way the Next Person Loves!

We must share with others how we wish to be loved, not how other people are loved on Social Media and on Television, but how we truly desire to be loved; because someone can be expressing their love for you in ways that you can’t even realize because they have a different love language.

“A woman knows how she want to be loved and treated, and it’s important that she teaches the man in her life how she want to be loved, instead of waiting on him to do something he’s never going to do. He may have loved another woman one way, but the love he gave that woman may not be the love that you require. Every woman isn’t loved the same. In return, that man should rise to the occasion. Vise Versa.”

If you do not know how you wish to be loved, then it’s important that you spend some time alone! You have to be in-tune with yourself first before trying to be in-tune with someone else.

While on your self-discovery of love, you must understand your deepest thoughts, desires, and emotions, your character traits, your values, what makes you happy and why you think and do the things you think and do (Quassim Cassam).

Once you have figured out you, then you will know how you desire to be loved and will be able to communicate that with others. It will be safe for you to learn someone else and their love language.

If you do not know who you are, you will find it extremely difficult fusing your soul with another. You may find yourself blaming everyone else but you for the downfall of your relationships.

While on your personal discovery, purchase a journal and pen and begin documenting you. Share it with your person of interest. It can assist them in learning how to love you effectively.

Jameel Davis

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