A Moment of Reflection

The road was tough, but it was well worth it.

We learn by reflecting back on our “Past Experiences.” Our experiences make us who we are, without them we have nothing.

I Believe I Can Fly” was my favorite song as I child. I can still remember how I use to run around with my arms spread wide like I could really fly. Wherever I was when I heard it, I sung it loud and proud. Reflecting back, this song allowed me to believe in myself and it helped shape me into the person I am today. “If I Can See It, Then I Can Do It, If I Just Believe It…”

It was tough watching my life in reverse. I seen the struggles and obstacles that have stood in the way during my journey, before I was able to reach the peak where I am now.

If you can see It, then you can do it. You Just Have To Believe It. I believed it and my vision became my reality. Yours Will Too!

Jameel Davis

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