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Off To First Grade, says “Jaheir.” Son of Cleveland’s Very Own Academic Scholar, Jameel Davis.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 29, 2018, Shoreview Elementary School hosted their 2018 Kindergarten Promotional Ceremony. One of the many young scholars who walked and received their promotional certificate was, six year old Jaheir Davis, born to the parents of Alayna Teague and Jameel Davis.

Jaheir is brilliant, often inventive and full of high inspirations. He has grown to be courageous, honest, determined, original and creative. He possess leadership, he is bold, independent and inquisitive, and is ready for the first grade, says, “Dad.”


Throughout grade school and higher education, I have achieved almost every certificate and award you can think of; merit & honor roll, student of the month, Cleveland Technical Society’s Council Outstanding Junior in Math & Science, Deans Lists etc., and have achieved a grade point average of 4.0. I graduated high school third in my class and was the only recipient of an Honors Diploma. I attended and graduated from one of the top research university’s in the country, Kent State University.  After excelling in academic education, I am nothing like my son Jaheir. He will go on and surpass me. I didn’t have the willpower, drive and character he has when I was his age. He’s a self starter, a self educator and is very outgoing. I was thirteen when I first recognized my abilities and my people skills didn’t really progress until I reached the 8th grade. Jaheir  has it all at the age of six. It’s like watching myself when I look at him. He’s amazing.

Jaheir gave a thumbs up when he was asked about his 2017-18 year as a Kindergartner. “Off To The First Grade. I’ll be a first grader in August,” he told his mom and dad. Be sure to follow this young man on his journey to greatness. He will change the world.

See video below of Shoreview Elementary School’s 2018 Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony Created by Jameel Davis & ElevatedWaves.

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