Author Jameel Davis, releases second writing Journal, “No More Hiding. This Is Me.”

No More Hiding. This is Me, Jameel’s second writing journal in his Conscious Wave Journal Series, has just landed on Amazon’s marketplace.

This new journal is intended to help the writer break free from their dark place, heal emotional and mental pain, so they can transform into the beautiful butterfly they have the potential to be, says Jameel.

Back-cover Synopsis:

When we are seriously hurt, we will hide so others can’t see us. In hiding, others may become a target, especially those who we feel we have to retaliate against because of the pain. We try to do anything to keep others from seeing the pain that has been inflicted. But others can recognize our pain based on how we treat other people. We make jokes about others lack and bad circumstances. We even rob and kill as a result. We push people away who never had intentions of harming us because of the pain we have endured.

I am here to help heal that pain.

“I see your hurt, why are you hurt? Why are you angry? Where did it begin?” Allow me to help free you from those demons by sharing your pain here and with the world so that you can be set free and attract your true desires.

When he first met his wife, he noticed she had a huge monarch butterfly tattooed on her chest, but she wasn’t soaring across the horizon. After noticing the tattoo he said to her,

Once A Butterfly Leave It’s Cocoon, It Never Returns. It Goes On To Make Itself Visible For All of Nature To See.

His wife had been trapped in her dark place, her cocoon, unable to break free. He decided to approach the relationship with a healing mindset, which he recommend each new couple to do. Jameel helped her rid the hurt and pain she’s been carrying over the years and to spread her wings, using the journal exercises on the front page of the journal. He stated, “this helped me and I want to help you.”

After helping his wife transition, he decided he would create and publish a journal to help heal many who are battling emotional and mental trauma. The butterfly on the cover resembles his wife and everyone else he has helped and intend to help.

Support No More Hiding. This Is Me. You or someone you know may benefit from Jameel’s healing journal.

You can find the journal exercise below.

For those of you who are in hiding because of your pain understand this, you aren’t alone and you don’t have to experience the pain much longer. Definitely, not by yourself. But it starts with self, if you really want to heal.

Recognize within yourself that you are hurt and the pain is unbearable. Affirm, that I do want better and wish to feel complete. Next, remove yourself from unwanted energy that makes you feel unease; music, people, television and certain environments. Then go to a happy place, and bring your journal and pen with you. Once you have arrived, breathe and begin writing from the beginning, the start of your pain and unhappiness. Let it all out. Write, how things could have been better. In your writing, express forgiveness to those who’ve harmed you and apologize to those whom you have harmed because of the pain you have endured.

Now, write out a detailed plan of your goals and dreams and how you wish to get there. Be specific about the kind of Life you desire. Once you are finish, share your journal with the world because in order to heal, you must reveal. You will then realize that you were never alone and that people share similar experiences. What happens next is, you get to receive true love, compassion and respect from many others, which will allow you to grow into the person you wish to become. You will be free from the pain.

Finally, go home and work on becoming that person you wish to become. Whenever you are feeling down, go back to that happy place and start writing again. Repeat the process.

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