The Journey


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What most people didn’t see on my journey was, the many obstacles that stood in the way before I reached the level I’m currently at. They didn’t witness the huge sacrifices and efforts of pushing through the concrete to blossom into a rose, as my brother Walt would say.

They say I make it look easy, that’s because they didn’t witness my life beneath the cement. They didn’t see the hardships, many closed doors, distractions and hidden agendas, that were in place for me to fail. They didn’t see the hours of preparation that molded me into the man I am today.

It’s not often roses manifests through a foundation of turmoil. Most seeds are given soft soil, sunlight and fertilizer, allowing them to blossom in the flowerbed. We aren’t so privileged. We have to work harder to shine.

What separates me from many is, when the pressure got heavy, I continued to fight back, while others allowed it to consume them. When faced with challenges today, I push through to the other side. I don’t bow my head.

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Greatness really doesn’t come to those who don’t have that burning desire inside to win. If you don’t have that “Willpower” to go that extra mile, to read an extra chapter, to wake up an extra hour earlier, to open closed doors, to step outside the norm, to push through hate, prejudice, tough times and or criticism, you won’t ever get to become great. You maybe become great at failing, but not great at being the best you. Rewards don’t gravitate to those who give up on themselves.

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What I’ve learned is that, when life don’t give you chances, you have to create your own.

What I’ve also learned is that, When Life Knock You Down, You Get Your Ass Back Up And Fight Back. Eventually The Wall Will Give In and You Will Breakthrough.

Because, if I was to push you down, you’d jump up in a heartbeat to fight me back. Use that same momentum for pushing life back and getting what you deserve.

This is How Roses Make Their Way Through Cement. If I didn’t push back, then I would still be trapped.

Eric Thomas stated, Failure is Temporary; it may hurt for a minute but it’s only temporary. If you give up on yourself, it can last forever.

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Remember, every time you give up on you, you have to start the process all over and you push your dreams further away.

I leave with this,

“It’s when you have fought through the turbulence that you’re able to cruise at your desired altitude. Once at this state, anchor your mind to the many spiritual beings who have created an atmosphere filled with peace, love, joy, relaxation and happiness. Allow these beautiful spirits to feed your subconscious mind and soul, so you can arrive and land joyously at your desired destination.”

This is what Cultivating Minds and Elevated Waves is all about and why I Wake Hustle and Grind.



– Jameel Davis

Davis is a positive and highly respectable individual. He is a man of change, an encouraging leader and is committed to lifting others up and shinning rays of hope throughout Cleveland and beyond. He is known for his educational seminars surrounding book publishing, dating and relationships, and his speaking appearances at schools and organizations.

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