5th Grader at Citizens Academy Breakthrough School, Intrigued by Black History Poem Written by Local Author.

Citizens Academy Mahatma Gandhi Campus, one of the highest-rated elementary schools in the state of Ohio, invited author Jameel Davis, to share an original new poem with the students, staff, parents and community members during their Black History Assembly. The event was held on Friday February 23, 2018 inside the schools gymnasium.

Prior to the start of the event, the author met with a 5th grader by the name of Semaj Ross, (that’s James spelled backwards he told Jameel), inside of the school’s office. Semaj, was curious to know who the gentlemen was with the bright orange shoes and Rugrats shirt that was siting next to him. Semaj introduced himself and asked the gentleman who he was. Jameel introduced himself and told Semaj that he’s a guest poet for the Black History event and that he is also the author of the books he had present in his hand. Semaj, jumped with joy and inquired about the books and poem that Jameel had written. After describing his books to Semaj, Jameel asked Semaj, if he wanted his copy of the poem. Semaj gladly accepted it and offered to read it out-loud to Jameel. Semaj enjoyed the poem so much that, he asked Jameel to sign it for him, so that his mother would know that it Jameel is real lol  Jameel was very pleased with his willingness and ability to read enthusiastically, and offered to sign the copy of his poem, “We Are More Than Just A Color.”

Following the meet and great with Jameel and Semaj, Jameel recited his poem in front of the school and left an astonishing impression on the parents, students, staff members and community.

You can view some footage from the event here.

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Davis is a positive and highly respectable individual. He is a man of change, an encouraging leader and is committed to lifting others up and shinning rays of hope throughout Cleveland and beyond. He is known for his educational seminars surrounding book publishing, dating and relationships, and his speaking appearances at schools and organizations.

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