People Poetry


We Are More Than Just A Color

We are the stars, the earth, the sun and the moon,

We are perfectly aligned with pyramids, creating birthday signs and seasons,

like Cancers kicking off the summer in June.

We Are More Than Just A Color

We are Pangaea, we are Africa, the birthplace of civilization,

We roamed the world first, our founding mother gave birth to this nation.

We Are More Than Just A Color

We are the diamonds and gold, your oils and fruits,

We are the coco to your chocolate bar,

and rubber to your boots

We Are More Than Just A Color

We are the spirits and vibrations, the language and rules,

The numbers, religion, science, inventions and tools.

We Are More Than Just A Color

We are the plants and medicines, the philosophies and health,

the combs, the brushes, the beauty, and the wealth.

We Are More Than Just A Color

We are the hunters and fishermen, the blueprints and machines,

we are the homes and their keys, the jackets and jeans.

We are electricity, we are the phones,

we are the cars in the street, we are the firewood

and coal that provide the buildings we’ve built with heat.

We Are More Than Just A Color

We are the music, the films, the arts and sports,

mother liberty is really an African woman,

you know the statue in New York?

The French gave it to America as a gift

because they wanted our enslavement to end,

America changed her features, kept us on plantations

feeding cotton to gin.

We Are More Than Just A Color

We are the stocks and bonds, we are Wall Street,

We are the victories of War,

with no honorable mentions on history sheets.

In 1921, our rich town was burned to concrete,

because after we won WWI,

many white Americans had no money or no place to sleep.

As a result they turned into wolves and we turned into sheep.

We Are More Than Just A Color

We are not negros, pickaninnies,

monkeys, nor apes, we are the original royal family,

that society took centuries to reshape.

We Are More Than Just A Color

Most of the world don’t want you to know

how great you really are,

that’s why they hide it away, feed us illusions

and have torn our families apart.

We are more than just people on the back of the bus,

almost everything you see and do,

you can believe it originated from us.

We Are More Than Just A Color

We are 365 days a year,

We are the most intelligent beings alive,

Lets celebrate that with cheer.


Black History isn’t just about the past, or the past contributions of those who came before us and who have made popular headlines. Black History is not just about, being the first black man or woman to accomplish something. Black History is not just about how many followers and honors one have received in their lifetime. Black History isn’t just the month of February.

Black History is you and me, our culture and our existence. Black History is present twenty-four hours a days, seven days a week. You breathing is History in itself.

The world wouldn’t revolve if it wasn’t for the black men, women and children walking the earth today as well as those who have left us. Asia wouldn’t be Asia, Europe wouldn’t be Europe and America wouldn’t be America.

So do not limit the celebration of our race and culture to 28 days a year, celebrate it all 365 days.

Embrace your uniqueness and create a legacy worth being remembered for by your family, peers, community and those whom you will never have the chance to meet you.


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