JTate, Former lead singer of “The Deltones”

I had the pleasure of driving the legendary J-Tate, former lead singer of “The Deltones” to his destination after the Super Bowl, using the Lyft Ride Share program.

To kick off the conversation, I asked if he had attended a Super Bowl Party and he said, “Yeah after I was on air for a radio show. We had so much fun.” I then asked what do you do and which radio platform were you on, and he replied, “I’m an entertainer and I was on “Voice It Radio”. He then stated, “I am the former lead singer of “The Deltones.” Before he said anything further, I stopped him and said with excitement, “I was just on Voice It last week and I know of you and your former group. My grandmother told me all about you guys. The music you all produced is amazing.”

The short time we shared was very rewarding for the both of us, as he shared his background in music, tour experience, being out the music industry for over 20 years, his upcoming events and his new EP “Start Over” which I added to my Apple iTunes account during the ride. He was more excited than I was, when he seen how fast I pulled it up and downloaded it to my device. I played his EP the entire trip and he sung along to his music, while giving credit to his daughter for the production and explaining the motivation behind each track. This was one of my most entertaining and rewarding trips using the Ride Share program.

The brother, JTate still has the voice and talent. “He’s back” after 20 years.

I can’t get enough of “Inside You” Listen Here on “Start Over.”

It was such an amazing opportunity to have met Jtate. I am happy to have him back in the music industry. His talent and voice is needed to soften the souls the world has harden. His new EP is a hit. Special thanks to his family and support circle for revamping his career and to him for developing the courage to rise again in a challenging industry.

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