In Memory of Antoinette Glover-Craig βœ¨πŸ•ŠπŸ’œ – July 13, 2023

If I had the magic and gift to change back the hands of time, I would have created my hands to be healing β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή hands to free you from the pain you were forced to live with. However, I can only use my powerful and beautiful words to carry you forward as I celebrate your life βœ¨πŸ•Š

Ma Glover, I still adore you and you are beautiful despite of what anyone ever thought and felt about you. I listened to you with my emotions, with love and with understanding. You have helped me make the changes you suggested in order to become a better me. I learned so much from you in our short but in-depth years together. You are important to me and nothing that you have endured is your fault. I accepted you for who you were in the flesh and appreciate you for challenging me the way you did when you and I first met. I needed that, I needed you. Someone who cared not just through words but through her actions and you provided that space and comfort for me.

Although we haven’t had much time to build in a way that I would have loved to build with you due to many barriers and challenges, I have some very beautiful memories with you and I still love and admire you for who you were to me and I admire the strength you possessed to push forward in life despite life’s challenges. You were the true definition of superwoman with superpowers that you may have been unaware of and I want you to know that I love the powers you possessed. They came at a time when I needed them most and in turn helped me shape my own reality and to walk a better route for myself and others.

I appreciate you considering me as your family, your son. For loving me and accepting me. I appreciate you for providing the space to always share what was on my heart. I appreciate you for always being submissive and attentive to my needs rather I was right or wrong. Thank you for understanding and being emotionally available to me when you were here because you helped me heal and discover new parts of me. Thank you for loving me the way you did, it was enough. It’s what I had needed.

During your uncomfortable times when many were preparing for the worse, I made sure I spoke to the universe within and around you to cover you with grace and better health. I remember the universe showing up and holding onto you each time I showed up to your home and the hospitals with my love, small gifts and helping hands. Each time your conditions would reverse slightly, you would wake up, be more responsive than you had ever been, you would smile, talk to me, and beg me to not leave when I had to go. You were a warrior Ma, a survivor. You did your best, your very best to fight this long battle and I admire your strength, courage and bravery. I must say you didn’t lose this battle, you actually came out on top.

You were here for a purpose bigger than your own Ma and you have touched me in ways no one has ever. I remember your finally wishes Ma, you spoke them to me on one of my most recent visits and I’ll do my best to honor them and if I’m unsuccessful just know, your legacy and love lives through me.

I Love you. With warm regards,

Your son Jameel!


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