30 – Thirty – 30

For many, age of 30 is when they truly start living. For others, that’s when insanity kicks in and their life begins to repeat over and over again, while expecting different results. They tend to post photos of their prime years with the caption “Take Me Back Here” as if their social media accounts are a magical time warp. Sadly, they aren’t and these people only have their old memories to hold onto instead of positioning themselves to create new experiences as well as their legacy. These particular folks tend to invest more on their physical than their mental, emotional and financial wellbeing, as if their physical features are going to pay for life after retirement. Most people who stop living after 30, retire pretty and broke, and unfulfilled. Their favorite an often used words become; Hope, Wish, Pray and Should Have.

For those who have decided to truly start living at thirty, have taken all of their learning experiences from their childhood, adolescence and young adult years, filtered through the good, bad and beneficial ones and have applied their acquired knowledge so they could begin shaping their future and legacy. They recognize that their most important asset in life is time and because of that they decide to spend their time and resources wisely and with those who are beneficial to their growth and legacy. 30 is when life and people start to take you seriously based on the company you keep and the choices you make. Those who start to truly live at thirty, understand that life is an ongoing learning experience and that every moment is an opportunity to learn, to improve, to grow, to invest, and to pay it forward to those who are worthy. This is what life is all about.

When you choose to truly start living at 30, that’s when some of your old friends start to become enemies and strangers start to become your family because of the positive and responsible choices you decide to make for yourself and family.

For me, I can say life became more rewarding for me when I turned thirty because I chose to truly start living for me, as well as for those who matter. As my legacy is more important than looking cute.

Fiancé, your thirties doesn’t have to be insanity driven if you decide to apply yourself fully. They can be as very rewarding and beautiful as you are to me.

Remember the drive and willpower you used to break the generational curses in your family to become a First Generation College Graduate, Graduate School Graduate, a Black Woman, a Dedicated and Responsible Mother, a Professional in your chosen career field, a Poet and Spoken-word Artist, and an Author, and use that same energy and effort to fuel your future passion and desires, and to create your legacy.

You are a gift to the world, even to those who will never get the chance to meet you. Remember you are a superwoman and you have superpowers; your chakras are open and you are inspiring many with your light. You have evolved, now keep on evolving.

Happy 30th Anniversary of Life, I Love you Author NeeNee Marie. May your birthday be as fruitful as the pineapple smoothies you often prepare for me.

In Honor of Author NeeNee Marie’s 30th Birthday and Suicide Awareness Month, Her Debut Novel “Tears of A Hummingbird,” which touches on the subject of suicide is available for purchase at 25% off until the end of the month. Visit the link provided below to purchase.

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