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What was one of the most challenging obstacles you have ever had to face alone, but overcame? And How did you hurdle it?

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One of My Most Challenging Obstacles

One of the hardest obstacles I have ever had to face alone, but overcame was the obstacle of separating myself from who I want to be, from who the world thinks and wants me to be. I overcame that obstacle by first suspending every thought someone had about me, both good and bad. Then, I removed myself from individuals who never allowed me to have a voice, who encouraged me to dance in my own degradation, as well as individuals who consciously and subconsciously attempted to exterminate my happiness. While away, I invested fully into activities I enjoyed, and activities that challenged me for the better, in which I payed close attention to and documented via writing, my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Overtime, I developed the ability to ignore, one of my greatest abilities. I developed the ability to ignore the negative influences of other people, those which are attracted to and adopted by those who lack discipline, which leads to the destruction of oneself and others. With the discipline to ignore outside negative forces, I learned to think on my own and challenge those who take on the role of Education using my impulse voice; not the voice of my parents, not the voice of the elders, or the voice of tradition, or the establishment. But my own voice.

Within a short period of time, I freed myself from who everyone else wanted me to be and became myself. Now that I am found, there are still many people who work diligently in an attempt to throw me off track and who are upset because I do not operate on their level of vibration, and because I do not conform to society’s standards of how to live; love, foster relationships, succeed, and so forth, as they have done. As I mentioned in my second book, Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself, “If I lived my life doing only what you approved of me to do, I wouldn’t be me.”

Negative people hate positive people, and such people should not have access to your mind, which is your most powerful asset. If they have your mind, then they have you. If you keep your mind, then you keep you. This is how I was able to overcome the obstacle of separating who I want to be, from who the world thinks and wants me to be. – Jameel Davis

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